How does trainerroad treat B events in terms of blocking/taper

I have a B race in 5 days, and TR adaptive has me doing a normal Power Build week, with an opener the day before. I know tapering is most important for A events, but I am curious of TR AT not taking into account a normal reduce volume/maintain intensity approach. Is this a case of Low Volume being the culprit?

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No taper, but you get the option for an opener workout the day before or not.

B Races

  • While you will not be fully peaked for these races, these events will be excellent trials of your fitness, and you can still be very competitive in these events. Keep in mind that your competitors are restricted by the same human limitations as you are, so while you aren’t in your absolute peak form, chances are that they aren’t either.
  • While these races can be season objectives in their own right, they also allow you to try different Race Prep and Strategies to see what works for you and your body.
  • These races are very important because they psychologically prepare you for racing and help give you confidence that you can carry into your “A” events.
  • Athletes will be given the option to add opener workouts in the days leading up to their B race when adding events using Plan Builder.