Massive level up after bigger workout

So I just did a longer workout because I had time. I’m on a low volume plan. Usually the Saturday session is 1:30, the suggested workout was a Threshold 2.4, but I did a 2:45 sweet spot 8.5 session instead. It was a hardish session, but nothing crazy. Once finished, I got the following level ups: sweet spot 2 + 6.5 =8.5, Tempo 2.2 + 3.7 = 5,9, Endurance 1.9 + 1.4 = 3.3, and Threshold 1.4 + 0.2 = 1.6.

My question is the following. The adaptations suggested now propose insane workouts. For example, a one hour sweet spot 8.5 session is pretty crazy. So should I refuse the adaptation because the longer ride is skewing the results, or should I accept because the Ai is right?

Not every ride is now like that. Only some rides are marked productive and breakthrough in your plan.

Not accepting the adaptation is worse because you’ve already proved you can do that work. Doing that same work or less work again won’t make you better.

Perhaps use rlgl to make an adjustment for this week so you can recover from the break thru

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I’m not understanding your comment. You did 2:45 @8.5 but feel 1:00 @8.5 is difficult? What am I missing?

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I’m guessing the intensity of the 1hr ride is a lot higher than the loooong ride. I think TR weights absolute duration quite heavily.


Yes I agree