What happens if I flub a workout / can't handle intensity?

So I’m stuck right into the High Volume Sweet Spot week 1. I did great until today, a 2 hour block of essentially 3x30 sweet spot intervals. I got through the first one and cratered. I know I can handle the VOLUME but I’m not sure about the INTENSITY. I plan to keep at it and hope my body adapts. If it doesn’t:

      • Does trainnerroad auto-adjust anything to compensate?
      • If I know I’m going to crater beforehand, that’s what the alternate workouts are for, yes?
      • I read as much of the FAQ as I could find on reducing intensity. The 1 thing is doesn’t address is how. Am I supposed to mental math it and , for example, just reduce that 30 minute block to 25, giving myself an extra 5 minute recovery? or
      • r Is there something I can do on the fly to get the app itself to decrease the interval duration or intensity?

Thanks, y’all!

You’re not going to like this answer.

It probably means you’re over extending yourself and you should look to mid volume plans.

Also you said you’re in sweet spot week 1 - how much TR/interval training on a trainer do you have?

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What is your history? How do you know you can handle the volume and intensity? Why are you starting at 3x30?

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Also, what will trainerroad do if I decide to just take a night off and ride with my mates, or my wife? Like, let’s say on Wednesday I go out for a nice bike date with the missus. Does TR move my Wed workout to Thurs, or just continue straight to Thurs?

@donlee and @ErickVH I’m certain it means I’m overextending myself for now. That doesn’t necessarily mean that next week will be the same. Or it might. I’m not too big for my own britches and will adjust volume if it’s consistently too much. If you can help with those other questions it would help me make absolutely sure which path is best.

My background is ultra-endurance racer with several records. 200k in a day was not too big a deal a while back. I am new to TR but not new back in the saddle nor am I a newbie. I am however coming off a long period off the bike where I’ve lost a lot of my base. (but not brand new - I’ve been riding a few months, just not consistently with this intensity and focus). And I’ve never done sweet spot training before because it’s never been reflective of my training. There are other factors like the quickly spiking Texas heat and whatnot. The nice thing is that I have no other commitments and can devote every day to riding or recovery. No kids, no work.

I very well may need to lower my volume, especially in the initial couple weeks of sweet spot. My main reason for posting is to figure out the mechanics of TR. I’m prepared to lower volume if need be, but it’s the other stuff I’m more concerned about.

post on Facebook, twitter, instagram, on the trainer road forum, using your credentials, about how your mates kidnapped you. Call the police, and have them all arrested. :slight_smile:

It won’t do anything. TrainerRoad is all about self coaching, with some gentle guidance.

3x30 is a bit hard to start on. I would so shorter intervals, with breaks in it. I would probably start with about 30 minutes in zone, and then gradually extend it over the course of the “plan.” Of course, all of this means you are off-plan.

keep in mind, we’re not coaches and we’re not giving pro advise that other people would pay a coach for.

I would step it back and start with Traditional Base High Volume. If you feel you’ve “covered” 1, I would then do 2 and 3. Then I would step into Sweet Spot Base. Traditional Base gives a gentler ramp up on intensity. That would give you 20 weeks of base work, starting with upper Z2/low Z3 work, and then upping intensity until SSB.

My $0.02, and I’m not a pro coach so take it with what it is. Internet advice.

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Good advice and good info. Thanks. I dunno why it gave me 3x30s right off the bat at the end of the first week. I thought that was odd myself.

Volume and Intensity go hand-in-hand.

Nothing odd about it. It’s only at 85%, which is high Tempo.

High Volume is meant to be hard and takes time to work your way up to it. The assumption is that if you have years of STRUCTURED training under your belt, 3x30s @ 85% (with a break in the middle) should be doable.

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The plans are fixed, not dynamic.

High Volume also assumes that you have a basis for being high volume. That is you have conditioning already. You don’t really fit in that category right now. You have a history, but you’ve not been doing work lately, so I would start with volume (for your history and available time) but ramp up intensity to get you to the point where you can do 3x30.

The other option is to lower volume, and decrease intensity (decreased time in zone) but for someone who is going for volume, that’s not how I would do it. Low intensity volume, is the approach I would take. It will get you conditioned for more intensity. You’ll get the muscles used to doing more work, regularly.

Nothing happens. TR just puts workouts into your calendar, based on your choice of plan (or planbuilder). The workouts, schedule, intensity etc won’t change, unless you go into the calendar and change things around. The only exception is if you update your ftp, it’ll scale the workouts accordingly.

Also… the bad news is, SSB1 HV hasn’t got any high intensity workouts by TR standards. And afaik people typically find the first two weeks fairly easy.