Should workout progression ratings adapt after increase in FTP?

I’m currently in my build phase and just took my FTP test today, up 6 watts. I got the expected progression level drops, but I’m somewhat confused about the workout adaptations. My workouts for this week and next stayed the same, but my workouts from 2 weeks on were adapted down a good bit. For example, my Anaerobic progression level dropped to 1.8, but my next two anaerobic workouts are a 4.7 and 4.1 respectively, followed by the 2.6 one that got adapted.

Is this expected behavior? or is something odd happening?

Same thing happened after my last test. It’s all going to change after your next few workouts anyway.

Best protocol for specifics on AT and your Progression Levels is always to check in with the support team.
They have the best visibility to the full scope of your FTP changes, adaptations, Progression Levels, and why AT may be behaving the way it is.

Feel free to write so they can provide some insight!

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I just had some weird stuff happen to my plan after an FTP test and at the start of Build phase as well. Reached out to support and they saw that my calendar was in a “bad state” and had to do some things on the back end to fix it. Worth an email, that get back to you quickly in my experience.

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I just sent an email off. I know machine learning models can do some unexpected things sometimes, so it never hurts to check it out without someone who can look a little closer. It’s good to know it’s happening to other people as well.