Manage fitness loss with swimming

Due to a hip flexor injury I need to stay off the bike for three weeks. I know that the long break and fitness loss subject has been covered. However, since I can still swim with a pull bouoy, I was wondering if I might be able to prevent fitness loss that way.

Swimming is a great cardio exercise…it won’t translate directly to bike fitness (or preventing the loss of it) but it will help keep your aerobic capabilities up during your tine off.

Added bonus…it will give you some upper body definition, something sorely lacking by most of us cyclists. I do miss that the last few years since I returned to bike-only training.

Swimming will not keep the cycling muscles going, but it WILL keep the cardiovascular system going. If you can swim without the pull buoy, you will definitely work on core as well. If you want to really get mad at yourself, swim with an ankle band. My feet sink like they are lead when I do that.

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Thank you for your feedback @Power13 and @dprimm. I did not take an offseason break as of yet. I guess this will be my physical/mental break of the year. Also, for whatever reason, I can still squat, deadlift and lunges without any pain. I think I’ll take this time to build some strength.

There is also the reported benefit from the compressive effect of the water whilst swimming. Much like wearing compression clothing, but all over. Not sure it will help in your specific case but I’m sure it can’t hurt either.

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