Recovery Drink Thoughts: SIS Rego

I am a fan of SIS products. I use their SIS Go electrolyte/carb drink mix when riding. I also have been using their REGO recovery drink after rides. The carb:protein ratio isn’t close to 4:1 though. Are there any better suggestions? I don’t do well with whey protein, so that rules many of the mixes out.

Should recovery drink be had after every ride, even easier ones?

If anyone has a product that is most effective and you can purely trust is clean, it’s sis, so I would stick with sis products.
I personally don’t use recovery drinks, but isn’t rego near 1:1? Either eat some carbs with it, or add some sis drink mix to it if you only want to drink your recovery carbs.

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I love sis Rego - no idea about effectiveness but I really look forward to it after a hard workout!


It is about 1:1. 23g of carbs and 20g of protein. It’s higher on protein than most of the 4:1 drinks, like skratch. It’s also soy protein which settles better for me.

SIS go drink is 36g carbs.

I just started a TR low volume plan and wondering if it still makes sense to have a recovery drink after a 1 hr ride, which is most of them. Some don’t feel all that intense, but I know I always underfuel. Not that I am trying to lose weight, but when burning say 5-600 calories on some rides, drinking 350 calories between the electrolyte drink and recovery drink seems like a lot, but that might be just right?

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I use it, and I love it. I know it’s not near the “ideal” carb/protein ratio, but I usually fuel with plenty of carbs in my workouts, so I don’t think that’s much of a problem.

I thought the “ideal” carb/protein ratio had been shown to be largely unimportant - so long as you’re getting enough of both to fuel/re-fuel then that’s all good.


Rego is delicious, mixes super easy, but is pretty expensive.

Carbohydrate is dirt cheap, and I feel the cost is a lot to pay for not a massive amount of protein. I buy Bulk Powders protein now - flavours can be hit and miss (I hated choc peanut and white choc), but I landed on banana fudge. It mixes fairly easily and stirs into quick-cook porridge (I microwave 100g with water) for a great post ride snack.

PS stir in the powder afterwards. The powder congeals all weird if you microwave it in porridge mix.


This. ^^^

Also, there is no need for a post-workout recovery drink if you can eat a meal immediately after training, just incase you thought that the post-workout recovery beverage was a necessity. You can also just drink a bit more carb fuel right as you get off the bike to tide you over while you get to a meal (ideally in 30 minutes or less, but in the grand scheme of things, timing matters little).


I don’t know what the difference is between REGO Power and REGO Recovery. I got some of the former (REGO Power) on discount but I prefer taste-wise the REGO Recovery which seems to be thicker. I tend to use either REGO drinks after a hard session all the time and sometimes after a recover ride too but I’ll often forget if I’m not desperate for a drink on completion.

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As someone else said, the carbs are cheap and protein is more expensive. So I wouldn’t bother trying to find another recovery drink, just add some of the sis drink mix ( 3 if you want it near 4:1) or eat some toast or any other food that you’d need.

That’s for you to decide, based on your training and life around it. As some other replies have said, importance of recovery drinks is a little inconclusive in recent years, if you can eat a good recovery meal after your ride I would say no, but if you are having a shower then straight away driving to work it could be beneficial.

Fwiw I train at a much higher level than most, not unusual to see training weeks of 20/25hours with efforts and sometimes multiple days of gym work, I don’t have recovery drinks and don’t feel it holds me back.

Hi all…are there any thoughts on alternatives to SIS Rego…getting annoyed with supposed special offers from SIS but the discount code is rejected at the checkout.
2.5kg tub of Rego is around £35 with discounts

There has to be others out there…recovery is what im interested in

You could have a look at Nduranz…

Not sure if you know, but Dr. Tim Podlogar, who has been on the Science of getting faster podcast, is the mastermind (aka science) behind their products.
Besides taste is pretty good.

Maybe I’m wrong but I thought REGO was meant to be used if doing another workout shortly after your first workout, thus the 1:1 ratio. Do a bike in the morning, drink REGO and a couple of hours later swim or run.

I used Wiggles own brand for a while to cut down costs. Its ok tasting its only problem is it goes rubbery in the bottom of your cup if you don’t wash it out fully.

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I’m an ambassador for a local distributor of both SIS and Nduranz products (and many more). I’ve been using SIS and Nduranz for fueling my workouts and for recovery for over a year now and I’m not planning to change that. I find that both taste very good, mix well and are easy on the stomach, which is all I need. I sometimes drink a rego drink during my 1st and 2nd morning workout and have no GI issues because of it.

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Rego is roughly 1:1 mix of carb/protein.
Using — was Bulk Powders for protein is fine but what carbs do you add?
Looking for a cheaper alternative to SIS Rego.

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I usually eat my post-ride carbs in normal food like oats, bread, veg etc, but the Bulk Maltodextrin would work fine in a protein shake (I have done this before). I was going to suggest just sucrose, but malto would mix better as it’s much finer.

Chocolate milk is cheap and is about 3:1.

If I need a mix, I use Skratch Recovery drink just because I love the Horchata flavor. It’s about 4:1.

May i ask what’s the consistency of Nduranz gels? Are they similar to SIS? I struggle with anything more “chewy” than SIS gels…

They are pretty much very similar.