Majorca Trip - Training for

Off to Majorca with the Club late April. I have already have completed base sweetspot and pleasingly lifted my FTP and have now started sustained build and longer outdoor weekend rides. Question is.

From previous years visits to the island the 5 days we were there were quite intense totaling around 1800-1900 of TSS . So should I be ramping up the weekly TSS to be somewhere near this proceeding the visit, or be shooting for less to prevent burnout and by how much?

Cheers, Andy.

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How many TSS?

I’d be tempted to look at your ftp settings, but anyway, in general I’m not sure that the best way to train for a high stress week is to preceded it with lots of high stress - experts will be here soon.

Could be interesting to see what plan builder says if you say the majorca trip is a 5 day stage race?

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What’s your typical TSS now for a week?