Training week before 312 Mallorca

Hi all. First time poster.
Planning the 312 this year at end of Apr.
I have completed long endurance events before,Etape, Marmotte,& several 200k .
This year its different as April is early in the season for good legs.
I have just completed Masters General Base 1, 2& 3. Next is Sustained power build but im a little worried about not getting 5/6 hr spins in.
Im lucky enough to be heading to Mallorca over Easter for a training week and wondering whats the best way to approach it. Any advice will be appreciated. Tks

Given the events you’ve done before you’ll have no problem. When I done the 312 I went out the week before to acclimatise and whilst we cycled we didn’t do anything extra special as all the training had been done back un the flat UK.

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It sounds like your training is on the right track! If you’re looking to get some longer rides in before Mallorca 312, I’d recommend replacing one of your Endurance rides with a long, easy, outside ride a few weeks before the event (before your taper starts).

You could do this once a week a few weeks in a row towards the end of March if you’d like – just make sure not to overdo it and to give yourself enough time between those efforts and the main event. I’d say at least two weeks should be fine.

Good luck in Mallorca and happy training!

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Tks lads for the info & advice. Sounds like I’m doing ok with my plan. As mentioned before would a big week in Mallorca 7/800km over Easter be advised after an 8 week sustained power build plan. Hopefully this will work and leave me then with a good recovery & taper before the Event on 27th April? I usually go well a few weeks after a good training week away in the sun. Cheers

I’m also doing the 312. Haven’t done nearly as much races before as you did. And will not really taper before. I’m there for only one week and want to ride a few classics as well (Sa Calobra, Cap Formentor, etc.) That will most likely affect the performance but I don’t think it’ll matter too much.

But one important advice: Be there as early as you can. I have been there at 6 at my first time and crossed the line at 7:30. No chance what so ever to make the first cut (maybe if you are at 5w/kg or above) but for me at 3.5w/kg no chance.

So be there early.

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700-800 km sounds like quite a lot! That could mean more than doubling your typical volume, which could be a bit risky just three or four weeks before your event. :zombie:

Build phases can be pretty tough, and I’d be sure to get a proper recovery week in between your Build and Specialty phases.

I’m all for getting some longer rides in before your taper, just be sure not to overdo it. You can build a lot of fatigue through volume, even if it’s lower intensity.

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Tks. Ill see how the body is before training week & decide how much to do then. Recovery week when i get home & then fingers crossed. :hugs::hugs: