Oh man, totally paying the price for Spring Break "Training Camp" last week

My family took off to Phoenix for Spring break and I stayed here in CO as I had to work. The first weekend I raced and then rode for an hour after the race. Then the following day, Sunday, I rode 3 hours (50miles) easy. Rested Monday and Tuesday with easy rides commuting by bike the “long way” home from work…

Then smashed Wynne Wednesday morning followed by 2hrs easy outdoors for another 3 hour, 50mile day.

Rested Thurs and Friday commuting by bike again.

Saturday I did Truuli and Baxter for a fairly chill 90min total. And then on Sunday Smashed an hour of Hunger before going out to ride 2 hours easy again (making another 3 hour, 50mile day).

Normally I average about 300-350 TSS in a week. This past week I got like 462.

THIS WEEK… I am completely knackered. Just on my hands and knees. I’ve been resting all week with easy rides and very light cross training in the gym.

Just trying to let my body absorb the training.

I race again on the 14th and am hoping that after a bit of a tune-up/wake-up week next week the race will go well!

I was in the same boat about a month ago.
I did a 1600 TSS week in February… it took me a couple weeks to get back.
On the bright side though, came back with a 2% FTP bump and I’m now on the 3rd week of sustained build feeling strong.
Just let your body rest, don’t push it too hard until you feel ready and be honest with yourself.

My old coach used to tell me that when doing a pretty high TSS week like, something you’re not used to, it takes about a week or so to reap the benefits and get the fatigue down.

@bhrylski and @JHow, thanks for chiming and for the advice. I blogged about that little camp too! Ex-prosays.blogspot.com


I know what you mean. I’ve just had a week in Mallorca and accumulated TSS of 1350 against a weekly average pre the week of just over 500 and it took a week of hour long daily easy endurance workouts for me to get over it. I feel great now though. EDIT: Although the alcohol probably didn’t help