Maintenance Plan or Specialty Phase

Hi all. I’m coming to the end of General Build this week and wondering what to do next. I conveniently have 18 weeks until I go riding in the Alps so time to do two complete training plans. No real A Race this year, just want to be fitter and faster and peak whilst in the Alps in early July.

My question is…What are the optimum next two plans for me? Should I do a Maintenance Plan then a Specialty Plan? Or a Specialty Plan then a Maintenance Plan? Or do I repeat General Build or another Build Plan and then do a Specialty Plan?



SSB2 (6 weeks) -> Sustained Power (8 weeks) -> Last 4 weeks of Century Specialization.

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You could do this modified Base (10 weeks) + then another Build:


@ErickVH and @Rizzi gave you the best two options. Either way I agree Sustained Power Build is the best way to go. Your FTP is likely not to increase in Specialty as it’s meant to refine the finer points of a specific event or race. However, the last 2 weeks of Specialty does have a nice taper that would leave you primed and ready, so you may want to work that in either way.

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