Maintaining cycling fitness while traveling w no access to gym/bikes

Hi fellow trainerroad cyclists!

Firstly, I know there are a few threads on this and the main advice for travel is to bring your bike or power pedals to a gym. Unfortunately these aren’t options for me!

I’m heading to alaska with no gym access for about 12 days, and I can likely do some running to keep the aerobic fitness up, but am trying to see if anyone has advice on specific bodyweight workouts that may mimic the cycling muscle groups and help with cycling fitness.

For example, would doing squats sets - say 50 reps x 5 sets with 5mins jog in between mimic say going at 80% FTP for 3mins, with 5mins rest in between? Or sets of running planks (THE RUNNING PLANK - YouTube)?

Just for context, I do about 7 hours of structured TR training a week, with an FTP of about 275W (4.0 W/kg).

All suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance!

Running. If you can run a bit, you will maintain some fitness.


Just run….enjoy Alaska and don’t worry about taking a few days off.


Or find a steep hill, last week long winter trip to Tahoe I hiked up an 8% grade for 1.5 miles at threshold heart rate. Same HR as doing a 23 minute effort at about 95% FTP on the bike.


For sure, most places in Alaska that people visit have nearby mountains to hike if you aren’t super time crunched. There are plenty of nontechnical climbs around the Anchorage area with very accessible trailheads. (You can also rent a bike in Anchorage.) Enjoy the scenery.

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