Magura vs. Hope XC brakes

So due to COVID related backorders I’ve got 2 sets of brakes coming for my Santa Cruz Blur: Magura MT8 Pro and Hope Tech 3 x2. Plan is to keep one and return one.

They are close enough in cost that it really isn’t a consideration. So I’m looking for opinions on these brakes (or general thoughts on Magura vs. Hope). My riding is most rooty rocky New England trails. No huge descents (although I am doing Leadville this year). The bulk of the on line reviews are pretty positive for both models, with the only thing standing out is that the Magura can be a bit finicky to set up.

Thanks in advance

Go with whichever one you can easily acquire consumable and rebuild parts for from a local shop

I think I’d go Hope. Their spares and support is second to none, I’ve got hubs from the 90s I could still get parts for (and a beautiful stem I can’t use as it’s old non 32.8mm sized) if/when I find a use for the hubs.

Yeah the dependability of Hope is great I have a few sets of hubs by them and they are great. Good point about the consumables as well

No first hand experience with Hope, but I seem to hear the most compliments about them.

I had Magura MT6 on my old bike. They were plenty sufficient for XC racing, I only had to bleed them once.

I picked up some older (but still Boost) Hope hubs that I have beat the shit out of. I bought new Hope hubs for my new build for that reason.

I have a 2009 xc bike with magura brakes and hope hubs. The brakes have been nothing but great for me, very easy to bleed although they have their own brake “blood” (or some nonsense) that you can only use on their products. I’ve never found them to be short on stopping power or anything and they have needed no maintenance outside of bleeding in a decade plus of abuse.
The hope hubs have also required 0 maintenance, so I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase other hope products, but I don’t have specific experience with their brakes.
My guess is you won’t go wrong either way.