KOM (UK) Xeno Hub

Interesting new hub design from KOM in the UK. The video link is a bit technical but it was a good refresher on a couple of engineering topics including statics, dynamics, and mechanics.

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Still working through the video, but the size of the freehub mechanism is SUPER interesting to me as a trials ride. Freehub’s take far more stress in this riding situation than most other riding. This larger setup may decrease the relative loading on the teeth vs the smaller current version and lead to greater durability and security.

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Watched this with my porridge before work. Everything made sense and it looks interesting.

Couldn’t see the thickness of the rotor which since I’m a magura fanboy needs to be 2mm thick. That and the price would make it hard for me.

If you could partner with Hope to get it a bit cheaper that might help it be something other than niche. Plus Hope’s reputation for spares would definitely help.

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@mcneese.chad I thought you might like the engineering side of this. :+1:

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No question, super cool design and deep dive!

I love these types of “clean sheet” ideas that really try to start fresh and focus on the actual requirements while trying to minimize carry-over limitations. I think they are really onto something here and hope it leads to adoption (via licensing) for a wider range of applications.