Most aero, decently-priced front brake caliper

It’s off-season tinker-time, and I’m still looking at one of the few original parts on my bike, which happens to be one I’ve never liked the look of anyway - the front brake. Any suggestions for the most aero front brake caliper that won’t leave a vast air vacuum in my wallet? I’d love the Tririg brake, but there’s no way I’m paying $200 dollars for it.

It really irritates me having the lever to open the brake pads to clear the tyre during installation - it’s so un-aero and unnecessary with wide wheels and aerodynamically chosen tyres.

Does anyone else feel like this when it comes to bike component upgrades?!

I get it but, sort of like helmets, it depends on how it interacts with the frame. Or at least that’s what Jim at ERO Sports found testing the Omega X and the Vision Trimax Aero. With that said, if the vision works well with your frame (no idea how to tell) it’s half the price of the Omega X.

There aren’t many options about I think. After a lot of searching a year or two ago I did eventually suck up the cost for one Tririg brake for the front and and made a Campagnolo centre pull front brake work on the rear. They don’t seem to be available anymore either.

If you’ve looked for options you’ve probably seen the TRP 861 direct mount brakes? Still expensive though.

Thanks for the info.

I did see the Vision Trimax brake, it somehow didn’t look especially aero. It’s definitely cheaper though!

My frame is relatively old, so no direct mount for me!

Agree that the Tririg is probably the way to go! I wonder why there’s no real competitor for it in the market?

I’ve been waiting for a more affordable aero brake as well since the Omega gets pretty crazy once exchange and shipping/duties/taxes to Canada comes into play–even with the sales it’s still around $300 :sob:. Shipping alone is $51USD to Canada… so brutal.