Magnus Cort, KOM motivation?

I think he is just doing anything he can to avoid wearing that ridiculous jersey he is stuck with once he isn’t in polka dots… Wow, it is bad when the polka dots are more attractive than the team jersey :slight_smile:


Different strokes for different folks. I like the EF kits. I’d wear it if they came in sizes larger than skinny world tour rider size.


Me too, out of all the teams I would have thought EF would have got behind the idea of a “fan kit”.


It’s for the press. EF might not get a stage win. They have a decent GC rider but otherwise they aren’t much of a team to watch. I think they are cool and I like their alt stuff they put out on YouTube but they are a minor team at the Tour.


They are a minor team but you are seeing them everywhere. The kits and bikes are getting a lot of attention and will for sometime. Exactly what EF and Cannondale want.

Id buy one in a heartbeat.


agreed. That kit is the epitome of an american team; loud, tacky and tasteless… :roll_eyes:



The team is definitely media savvy and progressive in their approach but calling them a minor team seems a bit harsh. Magnus Cort won three stages of the Vuelta last year and I thought he was the most exciting rider of the race. His win on stage 6 where he held off Roglic on the summit finish was really memorable. If I was Danish he’d be a big inspiration and hero for me.


That mo makes anything look good.


They are definitely a minor team. I think they are currently ranked something like 17th, making them barely safe to even remain in the world tour. I like a lot about them too, but they aren’t winning much. I do agree that Magnus Cort made the Vuelta MUCH more exciting. He’s a fun rider to watch.

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I thought they look like a Italian conti team kit, but much better.

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i like loud kits and I cannot lie…


I wonder in hindsight if he would rather have had the days in Denmark riding in front with the polka dot jersey (and still having it) or if he’d have rather had a little more in the legs today to fight for the stage win. Perfect scenario for him with Powless taking a crack early from 1k out - he could have been there sprinting with Taco and Clarke. He has a very good kick at the end of harder stages

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The 90’s are back. You’re just late to the party.

Hypercolor shirts are back.

Oakley Thermonuclear is back.

The other teams just look like they are stodgy old kits for the grey hair coffee ride groups.

Team EF at least is keeping up with modern style. I seem to remember plenty of very flashy kits in the 90’s from some European based teams…


EF’s style rocks!

If you want to see bad kit, look at Jumbo Visma.


but those dinosaurs???

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I’ve liked other kits of theirs. For example, the Giro kit was awesome.

Says who? Honestly, I think that attitude is just a combination of Europeans’ jealous and elitist mindset

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He was asked by his team to ride for Powless and take long turns in the breakaway. A stage win for Cort was never in the plans, unfortunately, considering they have a Danish sports director as well. I am sure he could have taken that stage win as well.

Now if we can hate a kit, I’d argue that Total Energies was designed by someone on Fivrr who lacked anything other than Paintshop. I feel bad for Sagan riding in that thing.