Team kit designs - what makes good kit?

My team has started the process of debating what to do for next season (Jakroo, FWIW). I’m trying to work up the courage to design some options to try and avoid the current proposals (oof… I don’t want to be seen in them!) What team kit (pro or otherwise) have you liked the most over the years, and why?

I’ve been partial to SDWorx (splotchy?) and Canyon/Sram (geometric splotchy?) this year, myself, but I don’t think either lends to our usual team colors.

Trinity and Bora, both good (although very different to eachother_.

The Belgian national kit has always been my favorite, and this year’s Bora kit was very nice.

I like gradients, particularly, bright colorful palette at the chest, fading to a dark color for the core and legs. Also, the texture and trim makes a difference for me. I’d rather the leg bandings and sleeves to be different more in texture than in color.


Kit are so hard to nail, but when they look great they look GREAT. Are you working with a designer?

In my role as a creative director, I have a discerning eye for designs. To be frank, I’m not keen on most cycling team kits. The multitude of sponsor logos often compromises their aesthetic appeal but professionals are riding billboards, because that how they get paid - so nothing against that :slight_smile:

However, there are exceptions. I appreciate Bora’s approach — they present a dominant, well-executed motif. The Belgian national jersey also stands out, exuding a classic charm. The freedom from sponsor logos often allows for a more unique design approach.

Among manufacturers, MAAP’s style and execution catch my eye. I was particularly impressed with the Romance X Felipe Pantone jersey. Its unconventional representation of Pantone colors was refreshing. Beyond the world of cycling, the GB Olympic kit from 2021 was a favorite. Its imaginative reimagining of the Union Jack was both playful and stylish.

What constitutes an attractive kit? While it’s hard to pinpoint, given that kit design is its own niche in the design world, I can share my personal preferences:

  • I’m drawn to muted colors.
  • A clear, intentional design concept is essential.
  • Distinctive, geometric patterns appeal to me.
  • While I’m open to gradients, they should be thoughtfully incorporated. For instance, I find most kits from the women’s peloton too reminiscent of cosmetic packaging.
  • If you’re aiming to deviate from the norm, do so with confidence and audacity.
  • Striking the balance between classic and mundane is crucial, and the line between is very thin.

Good kit:

Bad kit:

Why? Because of this:

(Half of cosmetics shelve looks like this here)

Awesome kit:


I wish they’d spring for one! I’ve been contemplating sponsoring, but I can’t justify it if it’s going to look as insane as currently planned… but not sure I can afford to sponsor high enough to pay for a designer fix it–real dilemma.

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Usual brands that offer kit designs, the brand has a designer you work with via the sales agent of the account. Obviously you would need some general starting ground with logo, partner logos, pantones, general design etc which can be tough to nail down!
I work with Cuore. Fantastic all around.

Love the trinity design.

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My club had so much trouble getting designs approved and finalized by our very opinionated board that we finally came up with a formal approval process that eliminated endless rounds of changes. No matter how good your kit looks it sucks if you don’t get it until June!

We’re lucky as we have some designers as members as well as a few folks who work in manufacturing who know how to actually move things from the design phase to production. Word is its easier to get final approval of a new car design than a cycling club kit :wink:


This is so individual. For me, classy and understated beat crazy every time.

I love Bora. I despise the EF Donald Duck. We had a local team called Hot Mess that just put every possible pattern on a single kit intentionally. You couldn’t pay me to wear that.

I know others with the exact opposite opinion.

It’s almost impossible to please everyone.


Haha I love all the crazy EF kits but I could see them being an acquired taste :joy::joy:

Very well said.

I’ve worked with a kit designer for a club I help run, I’ll see if I can find his info and post it.

ETA: Great to work with, def recommend.


I like them also, and I am in the small group that loved ducks collab with the palace - it was bold, visible and provided a lot of PR. And what is most important it was a statement to show different face of the culture in the sport. So it had a function and done it well.

It inspired me also to implement assigment for my students at university to design cycling kits… at least I also have some fun then :wink:


This thread is useless without pics. :rofl:


Pics… good plan. First two I mentioned:

And everyone keeps metioning Bora (assume this year?):

Oh, and winner of most divisive so far:


For @Pbase :wink:


Astana have had great kits the last few years. I’m also a fan of the Movistar TdF special jersey. Cofidis this year is clean. I also like the Trek women’s kit. I tend to like white and blue which is popular this year.


Abomination is the word you’re looking for.

Nevermind, found a kit that’s somehow worse.


Who is divided?

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It’s important to remember those kits came with helmets


And then EF had these beauties