Magene Gravat 2 wont pair via BLE, drop signal on ANT+

Anyone here using Magene Gravat 2 trainer with TR on MacOS, Im trying to figure out why my trainer wont pair with TR via BLE, its paired via ANT+ ok, but sometimes lost signal during a workout, like several times.
Tried 2 different ANT sticks, usb extended cable, placed usb near the trainer, turned off other BLE devices… wont help.
I rolled back to previous TR version (before Calendar) and it seems to get better connection, still testing.
The trainer works fine with Zwift and Wahoo Bolt computer via either BLE/ANT+, so maybe something is not right with MacOS Trainerroad platform.
Looking for help.

Hey there!

Support would be a great place to send this question! We have the best Support Team there is waiting to help you get everything working correctly! They generally tend to reply in less than a day but if things are busy it could take a day or two.

If you just shoot them an email at, they will get you up and riding in no time! :slight_smile:

Already sent this to support team, waiting for reply.

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hi @Sub5, has this issue been resolved? my friend is experiencing similar issue.
if yes could you share how this can be fixed? thanks!

@bet609 Tried everything I could think of, also with other suggestions but nothing helps.
Swapped to a Neo, problem solved, happy riding.

Thanks for the reply. Are you using ANT+ or Bluetooth with Neo?

@bet609 BLE works fine with either Macbook or iPhone, no need Ant+ dongle :smiley:

thanks Sub5

I am also using Gravat2 while staying in China so I would like to see this issue resolved. Now I have been using Trainerroad with Win/ANT+ and I have been witnessing occasional drops with trainer.

Edit - the same with OS X. Also could not connect with iPhone either (with BT). I think I need to use the money back guarantee and go with Swift or Sufferfest and buy training plans from somewhere else as I do not believe here to be any quick resolution to this issue.

yeah im having problem with gravat2 too also…
the trainer work perfectly with zwift and sufferfest
on erg and non erg

im having connection issue on TR
for erg and non erg
it just wont change the resistance nor match the power.

this my second trainer and i dont think i can return this trainer

dcrainmaker did tried this trainer with TR and no problem…
so its baffle me we are facing this issues

Have you contacted for help?

It’s been a year since i reported this issue but it seems like no one upgrade anything either TR or Gravat, it sucks.
Support team could not help to sort the problem.

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yup its a shame…

im not going to stop using TR this is not my main trainer but its quite frustrating
i wondering if there is TR user in china having this problem. ( or is there any TR user in china… )

magane doesnt seem replaying my email regarding this matter.

Using Perfpro Studio with Gravaat 2 in erg mode. Runs perfectly. Trainerroad ran well before I switched to Perfpro. Perfpro has downloadable workouts that are very similar to Trainerroad but you pay a one time fee, instead of a monthly subscription. You could give the free trial that they offer a try. I assume you have the latest firmware via Magene utility. You could try rolling back the firmware via the Magene utility and see if that helps

I stopped using TR one year ago so it is possible that TR software updates since have something to do with it. One other thing is that I am using a generic ant+ dongle, not the Magene dongle that came with the trainer. That might be something else to try but probably a long shot. Certainly is a nice trainer for the money.

purchased a Magene T300 this month,
and test it this morning on a 90 minute ride,
TR app shows BLE connect correctly but can’t control the trainer,
ERG or Resistance both failed,
But the ERG mode working good on Onelap app,
TR service reply that not a standard BLE but Magene service reply me the BLE and ANT+ both are standard,
it’s make me confused…
anyone has same issue??

That sucks. I was looking at this trainer as I visit China regularly and already use a magene power meter and HR.
I suspect the problem to be that trainerroad wouldn’t have one of these units to test with.
Hopefully they can reach out to magene and get a trainer to test with. They should because road cycling is very popular in China and indoor training is growing there too

yes they should!
I use Samsung smart phone for connect by ANT+ for solve BLE problem,
the ERG mode working good on ANT signal,

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ah at least it’s working on ant+

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it does ??? ah let me give a try again…
last time i tired using ant+ it didnt work ( i was using pc and and ant dongle tho )

ill give it a try again… tonight