Magene Gravat 2 wont pair via BLE, drop signal on ANT+

@Titic_Huang was posting about the T300 trainer which is the new one. Not sure if the Gravat 2 is working on ant+. How did you go when you tried it out again?

I am running a Gravat 2. Works on Windows with ANT+ and TR. Compatibility with Zwift is much better. Works through the companion app on BLE.

@Titic_Huang, how are you finding the Magene T300 smart trainer?
I am interested in a smart trainer as I am still using a dumb fluid trainer with my power pedals.
Any feedback you had would be great.

Hi Vanbc, i’ve been using t300 since last year.
The performance is good, silent, and the erg mode is great.
It has a problem with current TR software though. It has to be connected through ant+ signal but it’s solved with the current beta app. I’m currently using t300 through BLE on the beta app for my workout.

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what app are you using ? windows / android / ios?

i’m on android but it’s the same with ios. i have both

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