Made a training mistake, start over?

So I recently got my Wahoo kickr and set it up relatively quickly without reading instructions…

I got my bike refit at my LBS, began TrainerRoad and I am now on week 4 of my Sweet Spot Mid Volume 1 plan. When approaching my bike on the trainer I noticed it was angled “back” and realized I never adjusted the wheel height for the trainer. Long story short I was riding for 4 weeks on 600 wheel height when my bike and fit was done at 700.

Did riding at the wrong wheel height affect my training or am I fine? I am trying to determine if I need to restart my training plan at the right height. I did yesterday’s workout at the right height and nothing felt different or off besides maybe a bit more pressure on my hands then I was used too. If anything I felt better since that was the fit I was supposed to be on.

Also I have no end date goal besides getting fit enough to ride cat 5 races. I have no idea when cycling race season starts in Southern California.

Any advise is helpful, thanks!

Just keep going. No real reason to start over. You might notice a difference for a while, but your body will adjust.

no need to start over. I’m sure racing will be late Jan / Feb. Norcal tentative schedule is out that I got from some athletes, but I don’t think SoCal one is

Good luck this season!!


How much of an angle are we talking about here?

As for Socal races: California and Western Region Bicycle Racing Event Calendar