Trainer problems mid ride = rage

Mid ‘wild snow’ vo2 max workout. 6x2 and 3x2.5 at 112% i think. By the end of second set its taking an ex5ra 5secs to drop to recovery pace. Interval kicks in 2 secs early. I can live with that. Start of 4th set, doesnt move to interval resistance at all, i spend a couple of mins faffing around, recalibrate, now it only goes up to 340w instead of targeted 377. I dont know what to do. Im half way through a hard workout, im angry and frustrated and feel like ive wasted my time and effort. Do i try again later? Its only midday. I have an easy ride scheduled tomorrow and threshold on wednesday. Do a recovery ride in the mean time? Ive never failed a workout so to fail one this way is beyond annoying. Using a kickr v5. Any other wahoo users had this issue?

Edit. I rested for about 4hrs then redid the workout. Wanted to quit from the first interval but somehow made it to the end and was rewarded with an upgraded Vo2 workout on Friday this week​:upside_down_face:. Ive decreased tomorrows endurance from a 4.2 to a 3 to help with recovery. Why is cycling so hard?:sweat_smile:

I’d suggest contacting TR support to review the ride file in question and see if they can suggest anything from the logs on their side.

What is your regular process with this Kickr V5? It is supposed to calibrate automatically anytime you coast down. For me & my KV6, that means it happens at the end of most workouts since I generally don’t coast inside.

Meh, go by feel. I get the frustration from having an interrupted workout. I had 3 power outages last summer that happened in the first 3rd of each workout. One I just grabbed a bike and scrambled to head outside. Another I just bailed and headed to work early. The other I repeated later in the day.

Your plan won’t blow up if you miss this workout, but be careful to not let “fixing it” become it’s own new problem. When it doubt, sit it out.


If all else fails, bust out the Wahoo app and do the rest of the intervals manually.


Sounds like either Bluetooth interference, or another app is fighting to control the Kickr. And it also sounds like the indoor version of road rage (trainerRoad Rage :rofl: )

Definitely reach out to TR support, you can shoot them an email at

Years ago I had stuff like that happen on a Kickr 2017, and TR support (and Nate the CEO!) diagnosed as radio interference. My garage is radio hostile. I changed some things (switch from ANT+ to Bluetooth IIRC), and on that older version of Kickr it also had issues with light interference - shiny concrete floor in garage, putting a black mat under the Kickr helped. The Kickr v4 and later do NOT have that issue with light interference, so you can ignore that part.


FWIW, I solved all of my pain cave interference issues by getting rid of 2.4ghz wifi (switched to the 5ghz channel on my router).

Bluetooth is also in the 2.4ghz range.


I got a new tablet recently and I’ve been getting something similar. It seems like the bluetooth antenna in the tablet is not well placed or something. I have to face the tablet down a bit more than I’d like to improve the reception. My last tablet had a plastic backing, but the new one is metal which might be part of the problem.

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I may be missing something, but why not just put it in resistance mode and do the workout?

Hey there – sorry to hear about your troubles with your KICKR.

Since you’re using a KICKR v5, you shouldn’t have to worry about calibration. Wahoo states that for v5 (and any model newer than that) KICKRs, the trainer calibrates as you ride.

I do think it would be worth checking for any firmware updates that may be available, though. You can find the steps for that in the following article:

It can also be helpful to unplug your KICKR for 5-10 minutes (or ideally whenever it’s not in use). This will help the device reset itself and clear out any bad data that may be “stuck” inside.

@WindWarrior and @AJS914 nailed it with some additional connectivity advice as well. We have a TR Support article that covers more of those specifics here:

@mcneese.chad gave some great advice on what to do when things go wrong like this in a given workout – playing it by feel is a good call. Sometimes, you can get a quick fix in, and other times it can be better to avoid additional stress and take that workout off or push it to a different day if possible.

Hopefully that info helps you out! Feel free to let me or TR Support know if you have any more issues.

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