M6 Hex Nuts of Favero Assioma Pedals


Look like the M6 Hex nuts of Favero Assioma pedals are not standard type. Is it M6-0.75*9mm? Really hard to find the alternative nut to replace it…


@bradchang did you ever figure out the correct replacement for the M6 nut on the Assioma pedals? I need a new nut and am trying to decide if I buy the replacement kit or if I can just buy the nut.

After checking with one nut/screw supplier, Assioma M6 nut is a special/customized specification. Not able to procure it from market. Of course, there is alternative way, that is to get a standard M6 nut and go to a shopfloor for lathe turning if you have this kind of resource.

Hi Bradchang…I have to ask whether the M6 nuts on the pedals are damaged and that’s why your looking for replacement nuts?

Exactly. My one side of Assioma M6 nut got stripped. :slight_smile:

The right hand pedal is a left hand thread (anti clockwise). So your best bet is a bike shop. If you could get hold of a thread gauge there are lefthand m6 nuts listed on Ebay.

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