How many Newtons to apply to pedals

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I’ve got a pair of assioma favero duo that I usually change between mtb and road bikes for the sake of metrics consistency but… I don’t know how many N.m apply… does anyone know a range or something?

Thanks in advance!

Indoor workouts - 20 - 25 Nm
Outdoor 30-36 Nm ( Most of the time climbing…)

Here is some guidance from Look on their Keos: 40Nm! I never use that amount of torque. Guess this is one of those questions with an answer which depends on things, like how much you weigh.

Favero specify 35-40 Nm:



Oh! Sorry i under too it total y wrong🤪

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Make sure you do two things:

  1. Just get the pedals finger tight and make sure that there is clearance between the plastic pod and the crank arm. If not, remove the pedal and add another pedal washer. If you tighten the pedal tightly with the plastic contacting, you may ruin your power meter.
  2. Grease the pedal threads. If you don’t then you will have a lot of difficulty to remove the pedals.
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Thanks a los for your replies! It’s really good to have you guys!

I hand tighten mine to like 12-15nM and keep fresh grease on the threads… Really easy to get them off and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone losing a pedal. Any more torque and I think you’re just adding unnecessary wear to the spindle threads. I switch mine between my trainer and road rig, so I try to preserve them best I can. Yesterday’s ride involved a few 1100W 10 sec efforts and they seem to be doing fine!