Favero Assioma bearing replacements

The bearings in one of my pedals are absolutely shot. I took the pedal apart and there were just bits of broken metal in there. Really not impressed as these have only been used in the dry on my summer bike for a couple of years and I’m a feather-weight.

Anyway, that aside I’m now trying to source some new bearings in the UK. Nowhere has them and the price to buy them from Favero direct is £50, which I’m not willing to pay right now.

So, are there any options? I’m sure I read the pedals were based on an Xpedo pedal, or are the bearings the same as the bePro ones?

Would be nice to get the pedals back in action, but don’t want to pay that kind of money…

Maybe this thread could help you select / source alternates. I know they swapped for intentionally harder to rotate bearings but at least the size references could be useful to you?

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You can easily get the alternative ones in Amazon. But just be sure they’re high quality sources. (Such as MIJ instead of MIC)


Have a look on this website for the size of bearings you need.

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They are the same as Xpedo (using the xpedo axle and body for the pedals). You even get the xpedo cleats with them, hint hint. XPEDO Bearing Kit XRKBR3 can be sourced for ~20€ or so. I got mine for 22€ + shipping from r2-bike.com That should be around 20-ish £ with shipping for you. You don’t get the metal cover sleeve and the threaded plug, but they are completely reusable.

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I posted before that I bought these from “bearingboys” in the UK… seem fine after 6 months or so.

Strange that your original ones are so worn? Maybe they were over tightened when assembled? I’d be tempted to drop Favero an email and see if they send you some. They will most likely say that they are a consumable so not under warranty but worth a go?

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Thanks for the help. Just ordered a new set of generic bearings for £19. This is what was left of my existing bearings…


There is a lot more “sludge” on those than were on mine and I ride mine on my winter bike too. I’m sure that your new generic bearings will be fine - The official ones are OK but not super-premium or anything.

Yeh, weird. Honestly only used them in the dry though, and I’m not one to wash a bike if it doesn’t absolutely need it…

Got exactly these bearings and fitted them yesterday. All working lovely now.

I did waste about an hour trying to work out why there was play in the pedals after I reassembled them. I even took apart the good pedal to try and figure it out. Turns out the endcaps take up the play and aren’t just dust caps…

Yeah it’s the torque of 2 on the cap not the 6 on the nut that’s important. I realised this too late after I’d bought a more expensive torque wrench that could measure the anti-clockwise threaded nut.