M key: ERG, Resistance and Standard changing mode in workout

I have tried using the M key to change the workout mode and it does change the name but the watts output just goes to nothing and I am pedalling just air that I have to stop the workout and change the mode back to erg.

Does anybody who changes the mode using the key M notice what I have noticed.

For best results it seems that I have to totally stop and change the node manually for it to have any effect.

When you swap from ERG to Resistance, you also need to apply a particular Resistance setting.

Resistance can be set fro 0% to 100%. I find something around 25% works well for my Hammer and Kickr.

This setting is at the bottom of the screen and is only visible when Resistance mode is active. It defaults to 0%.

Set it as desired. Then TR will remember this setting anytime you bounce between modes. It will reset to 0% if you do another workout.

The Standard mode works in a similar method, but it ranges from 0-9.


Thanks for response…
so you are saying before the workout begins set a number in the little box to the right so when I press M it will change and I will actually have some resistance on the pedals…

I set mine after the warmup, before the main sets start.

Sorry to hijack this thread but is there a “M key” equivalent on the Android App?

Nope. Mobile apps have no shortcut at the moment.

I made a feature request quite a while ago for it.