Repeating SS Base HV 1 after a full Base/Build

Just finished a Base/Build cycle.

  • SS Base MV 1
  • SS Base HV 1
  • General Build MV

I have a good level of fitness, lots of SS work in base and build, and lots of VO2, anaerobic and threshold work in build too.

I was thinking of repeating SS Base HV 1 (not HV 2 as I don’t think I can handle that volume), then doing second half of General Build MV again before hitting Speciality phase to peak late August/September. But its all SS work. Do I need to worry about losing VO2/anaerobic gains made in the last 8 weeks?

I don’t want to do SS Base MV 2, as while it has a mix, the volume is less than I feel I can handle.

tldr: How do you approach repeating base after a Base/Build and maintain VO2/anerobic gains made in the build phase?

Any advice?

Edit: Why do I want to repeat Base now and not repeat Build? I guess a bit of variety to what I’ve been doing and to try and get a much volume as I can handle in this critical time (as my goal is to be as good as I can be in about 12-16 weeks from now).

If you lose it quickly, you can regain it quickly. You can’t keep everything sharp all the time, so even if you lose a little, you’ll get it back and then some at the end of the next cycle.

Do it anyway and add volume? If you were repeating just one block of SSB, I think repeating 2 would be better than 1.

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