Low Volume Training, Racing as a Solo Rider, Hydration and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 241

Good call. I got the full thing too but it still shows 1:10 in the description. Weird. All’s well that ends well, though.

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Another option in 27.2, considering getting one for my Crux: PRO Homepage | Pro Bikegear

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Thanks, I’ll probably get this one in the 120mm. The more drop the better in my mind! LEV-Ci – KS

The GRX groupset does allow for the integrated mechanical dropper too.


I’m only 5’8" so 70mm is about all I can get :smiley:

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I’m planning on going to Nationals Road Race again this year. Would love to hear any and all suggestions regarding the course, typical weather, etc.

Aiming for Marathon MTB nationals (40-45 age) this year in Palo Dura Canyon TX!

I move to Houston from Baltimore in July. The race isn’t exactly in my backyard (cus Texas is HUGE) but I’m super excited to ride my MTB in a really cool canyon in September. Hopefully will meet some folks there!

Yep this was me to. I was out on my run and the podcast abruptly ended :frowning_face:

Have since re-downloaded and all look ok now

Depends on the race and the racer at times I would say you cover the moves for the first half the race (really depends on the type of rider because obviously this is no joke). I am also verbal during the race. If someone is new to racing or sorta cant figure out how to read the race it is really the only way. You dont want them wasting valuable energy on useless moves so covering them all isnt always the move they need to do. Also depends on the race make up if there are a big team or two I would only have them cover moves that they are in otherwise let them chase.

I live in Cedar, It’ll most likely be hot, mid 90’s also that is monsoon season so it may be raining every afternoon. There are two typical wind patterns. Either coming from the North (usually) or from the South. Sometimes wind comes from the west but that isn’t as often. Hardly ever does the wind come from the East because of the mountains to the East of the city.

Thx for the gravel content conversation gang :smiley: Not sure but I wonder of @Nate_Pearson would enjoy the headshock on the Specialized Diverge. 72.8 HTA in a 61cm.

OR…you could go with a totally awesome Titanium bike custom built for you like the Mosaic Cycles GT-1. They have an Adventure version that takes up to 700x45c & 650bx47c and an All Road version that takes up to 700x38c & 650bx42c tires with a little snapper geometry. I have the Adventure version and it is the smoothest riding bike I have ever been on. Highly recommended.

Bro’, you wanna go slack, long and low for gravel???

I got your 66.7* HTA right here:



I always rode 175mm, then my bike fitter told me to try out 165mm. I currently have 165mm on my crit/road racing bike, but still have 175mm on my cross bike. I’ll never go back to the long crank arms, and I plan to get a new crank for my cross bike in the near future.

The shorter crank arms allowed me to get lower on the bike, they made my knees feel better, and they are fantastic when your trying to spin up a bunch of speed fast to respond to an attack.

One thing to keep in mind about `155mm is that most of the big name crank manufacturers (shimano, sram, campy) only go down to 165mm (as far as I know). To get the 155mm you need to go with a more specialty brand which are often heavier (according to my bike fitter).

Thanks, Rusty. I appreciate the info.

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FYI - the podcast of this episode on Apple only went to 1:10:00…


And redownloading it didn’t fix the issue…

Download it from Stitcher the full podcast is on there

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Why is the YT video more than two hours long but the podcast on Apple only 1:15h? Error while uploading?

Not sure if intended but wanted to make you aware. Good stuff - as always.

There was some glitch. Several of us had the same issue with various cast site.

We re-downloaded to get the full 2+ hours. Try a different site if the one you used still gives you a short file.

I know Soundcloud is good now.

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Huh. I thought it was super short when I listened this morning.

Thanks Rusty: I’m looking forward to the Nationals in Cedar City.
Maybe we could have a TR get together?