Supplementing Training Plans

So I have sampled the Low, Medium and High volume plans and found;

  1. high volume is too much for me
  2. medium volume is OK but I can’t do other rides as well as the training plan (and be able to complete the training plan workouts as prescribed)
  3. Low volume seems way too little/light but I do supplement my training plan with other rides (indoor and outdoor) of various efforts BUT still able to do my 3 workouts a week to the letter.

Am I better off doing a medium volume plan and sacrifice other rides or is it ok doing the low volume plan and doing other rides as well? Structure is all well and good (and being retired I have all the time in the world) but I do like just doing some ‘fun’ rides be they 1.05 intensity (Zwift Race) or 0.65 intensity (outdoor noodle with the wife).

I think you answered your own question.

I would suggest to stay motivated that you continue to enjoy your “fun” rides. Remember, this must be about having fun :slight_smile: As such, I would recommend sticking with LV plan, nailing your 3 key workouts and adding more volume around this with fun rides as you see fit.

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For the reasons you described I started with LV and added 2 active recovery rides and 2 weekend endurance rides / free rides. I felt it was better for me to add rides to LV instead of replacing / removing them from MV and feeling like I was skipping workouts. I was riding 10-12 hrs/week at the time with LV being 3.5 of that.