Low volume Gran Fondo


I have 24 weeks to train for a 100 mile sportive.

I’ve been doing base training on and off since November on trainer road.

When building a plan, altering the experience option alters the structure of the blocks.

If I choose ‘intermediate’, base phase 1 and 2 are both 6 weeks long, the build phase is 8 weeks long, whilst the speciality (century) phase is 3 weeks long.

If I choose ‘advanced’, base 1 is 3 weeks long, base 2 is 4 weeks long, build phase and specialty (century) phase are both 8 weeks long.

Which option would you choose for the best results? FTP is currently 254 - 3.2w/kg

Thanks for your help.

If you say that you’re on and off TR since November, I’m just assuming that you haven’t done structured training before. If that is the case I’d go with option one. You’ll need all the base training you can get to create a solid foundation.

If you’ve been riding for years and know you have a solid base, you could go for option 2 but I’m not sure how much benefit you’ll get from it, for a GF.

You can use cardiac drift to decide whether base or build has more benefits at your current fitness. This topic might be helpful: