Low recent training load, start high volume training?

I raced consistently a few years ago, and sporadically at best the last 3. I’ve struggled coming back to race consistently, despite wanting to. I’ve just invested in a smart trainer and TR to help simplify the training part of that.

When I raced, I was coached and was doing high volume plus by TR standards. The last few years, I’ve ramped from low to high riding volume over each spring and summer but no riding since mid October this year.

I think the biggest risk to jumping right in to high volume would be managing my time around it such that I’m riding consistently i.e. revamping diet, focus on rest, riding, mechanical, etc. all simultaneously might be a shock. But if I could manage the psychological part of that, is there any physiological reason to start with low or mid volume rather than high, given that I’ve “done it before” and have some of the background training sills and knowledge.