An Opportunity Awaits

All, looking for some advice and inspiration for switching my plan up completely to make (what I am hoping is) some big changes which I am hoping will pay dividends next year.

I am currently transitioning between sports (contact sports with a lot of strength training and maintenance fitted in) and I have been riding for coming onto 6 years now . This year was the first time I properly started structured cycling training (trainer road) and have seen a huge difference in 7-8 months of doing so.

What I am now looking at is to incorporate a level of training that increases the volume that my body has been used to, whilst providing the demand required to accelerate physiological changes (reduction in weight and also muscle mass). I am currently working out the nutrition element but really need to understand the best approach for training so that the nutrition part can support this.

My ultimate aim is to be able to race for my age group locally and also participate in a number of tough challenges for the Haute route, L’ETAP for 2021-2022 etc.

Any insight that people could give on their experience or who have perhaps done something similar and have made a big step change like this would be greatly appreciated.

I also have promised myself a new steed for added motivation if I am on target with training going into next year :wink:

Looking forward to your comments, cheers!

Welcome to the forum. I think you will find a ton of information that will be helpful already on the forum. See some examples here:

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Thanks, this has really helped. I have seen good progression on low volume supplemented with outside riding so I will continue this with added endurance and see how I progress :slight_smile:

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These were good links, thank you

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