Base Phase High Volume 1

This is the second time I am using TR. I used it before the Etape de Tour last year.
I have a FTP 219 down from 258 last year. Today was meant to be my 6 ride of the week 2hrs on the turbo. I was just too exhausted to do it. This happened later on in the build phase last year. But I was only doing medium volume. I’m 52 and in quite good shape but TR always destroys me.

The trainer is very intesive, unless you have a strong history of exercise High Volume is too much.

I’m 49 and have exercised for 30yrs, averaging 8hrs per week in the last 2 years and I struggle with high volume. My prefferance is Medium volume and adding time / rides in when I feel I can do them.

Try medium volume

Thanks you UKCarl. I work out a lot and ride hard. But this week I was just beaten. I’ve have also used Zwift but I think the focus is better on TR