Losing Fitness, Raising Power with Nutrition, Aero vs. Power and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 309

We pre-recorded this week’s episode and it was a fun one with Amber, Nate, Alex Wild and I. :slight_smile:

We covered how detraining happens, but more importantly, how to losing fitness should change your racing strategy. We also covered raising your power while maintaining your power to weight ratio, striking the aero vs. power balance and much more.

Nate also poked fun at my notoriously reckless racing strategy, and I got to ask him when he plans on actually riding his bike considering he has Cape Epic coming in hot. :wink:

Hope you enjoy!

Tune in for the YouTube premiere tomorrow morning at 8:00am Pacific!

Youtube Live Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How quickly do you lose fitness and what kind do you lose first?
  • How to adjust your race tactics if you aren’t fit
  • Getting the most from a slow group ride
  • The hosts’ analysis on the first MTB World Cups
  • What contributes to an exceptional performance
  • Why Loana Lecomte is so good
  • Heart Rate vs. Power vs. RPE
  • Flexibility vs. Mobility
  • What is more important: aero or power?
  • How to find the ideal TT position
  • How gaining weight may make you faster
  • How to gain weight but still keep your power to weight ratio

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Losing fitness…the vaccine rash and fatigue say hello. How timely for me. Can’t wait!

Thanks for the shoutout @Nate_Pearson :wink:


Soooo apparently Alex Wild is one of the funniest guys on the show? Good to see some nice hard laughter from everyone. Great episode


I think it was the best episode for a long time. Very entertaining - great job! And it’s nice to see Nate in a a little better mental condition :slight_smile: Alex was golden.


The next great Kickstarter should be a “bike noise machine”. Like those silly fart machines, with a small speaker to mount under their seat or bottom bracket. Includes a remote or BLE phone control, that can kick out a range of sounds:

  • Creaky Bottom Bracket
  • Bad Derailleur / Chain Rub
  • Disc Brake Rub
  • Rim Brake Rub
  • Leaky Tire / Puncture
  • Generic Fastener Rattle

Set it up with alternating duration / frequency and other settings.
Oh the fun we could have with that :stuck_out_tongue:


@mcneese.chad, You’re a bad bad man.


I’m so happy @ambermalika brought up the optimization thing. People go way too overboard chasing optimal goals and then they miss executing the thing they were optimizing for to begin with. There has to be a degree to which one can accept the suboptimal because it actually means executing/producing what you were after to begin with. I’ve been thinkin about this lot recently, not only with cycling, but with work, life and productivity in many facets.


Any of them should do the work without much penalty;

Put it under the saddle, hit play on the phone and you have Ultimate Annoyance Spreader

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Brilliant idea :slight_smile: The tactical possibilities to fool opponents are endless here :slight_smile:


I’m not sure Amber will agree about this approach to competition though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :innocent:


By the way, thanks to the crew for going light on the AT talk this podcast!

It’s very nice of you guys to stop pouring salt in the wound :pray: Patience is a nice virtue, but you all have done a way too good job at creating excitement around AT :grin::blush:


Great episode this week! The feedback brought up in another thread recently, you could tell the team really took that feedback and implemented. This is why I love TR.


20 minute deep dive on Train Now was great! Some of us like knowing about this stuff!


Agreed. I want to know about the product development and what’s the reasoning and capabilities etc.

I could do without the inception level teases though, tease about a tease that’s still behind the current beta.

Just to show you can’t please everyone (anyone?), I do want to hear about the beta, which is still a tease :man_facepalming:

Sounds silly, I can just go ride my bike and hear all that!

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Nice podcast.

  1. Borg scale kinda makes sense if you came from a HRM background.
  2. Some of the new aero sensors look promising, but none of them are toaster-level plug-and-play.
  3. There are general rules of thumb for getting aero but if you’re wondering about the effect of small changes in equipment or position and you really need to know, you have to measure.
  4. The smaller the change in drag you’re trying to determine, the more careful you have to be in test protocol and test data. You can spot pretty big changes with sloppy technique and a left side only power meter but those aren’t really hard to guess about anyway. If you want to spot small differences you have to be pretty careful.
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Nice episode!

@Nate_Pearson - were you deliberately working with / paraphrasing Ricky Bobby material? In the first or perhaps second topic I was reminded twice of this classic:


‘‘I am so paralyzed!’’