Getting Dropped, Caloric Deficits, Supplements and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 303

What is the cause behind getting dropped and how do you train to avoid it happening in the future, should cyclists and triathletes maintain a caloric deficit, which supplements have the most impact on performance and much more in Episode 303 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Youtube Live Video:

Join us live Thursday, April 8 at 8:00am Pacific!

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How much activity is too much on a recovery day?
  • Easing back into racing safely
  • Getting faster on two rides per week
  • How to fuel late night workouts
  • How and when to pull on your bars in a sprint
  • Run-flat tubeless inserts for road bikes
  • Phone cases that mount on your handlebars
  • How and when to use both brakes or use them individually
  • Supplements that make you faster
  • Calorie balance for cyclists
  • How to not get dropped
  • How to overcome mental limitations

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Hey, @Pete Morris mentioned an article per trainer on how to setup it up correctly for TrainerRoad in today’s podcast and said it is in the “Help” section of the website. I looked through support and cannot seem to find it. Can anyone point to what he was referring to?


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Not sure, but maybe this section has what you want?


Will have to watch the calorie balance bit. Should be interesting.

-500 cals in their example…

I was running -1000 cals daily there for about 4 weeks doing the Pol plan. The outdoor workouts were 2000 to 3000 cals a day. :innocent: :sweat_smile:

Was smashing the workouts though. Only just this week I felt the fatigue hit. Going to chill on it and be sensible going ahead. At some point it always catches up.

Here’s the Chickpea recipe as requested:

My changes to make things a little bit more streamlined is that I throw the following in the pan from the start.

  • Chickpeas
  • garlic cloves
  • large shallots
  • small bay leaves, preferably fresh (You can sub in rosemary, thyme, or anything you enjoy. Fresh is better)
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Olive Oil

I don’t cover this in the baking dish because I like to add a little bit of crunch chickpeas and get everything a little browned. After about 15 minutes I pull out the dish and add the chard and broth. I’m okay with the chard stems, but you can cut them out and then dice the greens up if you want. Throw it back in oven for about 30 minutes. From there I stir about every 10 minutes while it’s in the oven, and I have also kept it covered and left it alone to get something slightly more soupy. Plate it up an enjoy, it’s good on big slices of sourdough.

@Nate_Pearson Here is the recipe for the Tahini Maple sauce that generally use for roasting Brussel sprouts or broccoli. You can sub out the tahini for almond butter and the lemon for any vinegar that you would like to make it easy to toss together.

For cooking vegetables in the dressing, I just put whatever vegetable in a bowl and put in a few tablespoons of the dressing and toss it around. From there you can throw it into a pan over medium heat or an air fryer and it works really well.


@Pete DONT THINK you’re off the hook for ‘Cooking With Pete’ just because you posted that recipe. :innocent:


@Pete I absolutely NEED you to host a cooking show. I can never get enough cheap, quick, easy and filing recipes, and I cannot stress enough how much I would love having you show off some easy staples. I’m with @IvyAudrain and I will not rest until we get more recipes!


@Jonathan is right, EVERY bike needs a power meter!

EDIT: and still too many “likes”… Seriously need to coach participants to make them aware of it. Can you imagine reading a book if the author wrote like the word like needlessly in like every sentence because like he didn’t know he was like doing it? Like, it’s kind painful to read, like you know?


@Pete some more ideas for the transformation of chickpeas into something delicious:


I had to stop listening to this week’s podcast first time Ive ever had to do this. Five “likes” in one sentence was the limit for me. It cheapens the content and really find it very childish


What temperature do you use? And how much olive oil?

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Cooking with Thunder and Honey. Pete cooks and Chad pairs the wines.


I also wanted to note that I very much loved the conversation toward the end of the podcast about weight vs. power. I can’t wait for the quick clip of that because I’ll be sharing that video with everyone I know. The focus on lowering weight without regard to health is something I see a lot of, and it is truly worrisome to me that I continue to see that trend.

Your health is more important than your w/kg, folks. And in many situations you can increase weight and still be a higher w/kg because of consistent training and proper fueling. That’s been my experience and I feel way more healthy than I did when I was 10-20 lbs lighter. It changed the damn game when I started focusing on power and performance and let my body just compose itself around the riding I was doing.

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Agree. Accept it’s a generation thing but endless pointless likes does get irritating. Perhaps if the participants agreed to be fined some small token sum for every pointless like which goes to a charity might concentrate the minds, Like.


For some reason I don’t notice the “likes” on the podcast much. But what I do notice is a lot of pro interviews where they tend to say “yea” in place of “um” or in a pause. That one gets me and now anyone who reads this can’t “unhear” that :laughing:

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I do an even quicker stovetop variant of Pete’s, without the extra liquid, just using the drained 2 cans of garbanzos, a couple huge fistfuls of fresh spinach (bagged and washed kind, eg. Costco), lots of sliced garlic. and chili flakes to desired heat, and yes, the smoked paprika – plenty of olive oil as the fat and flavor blender. I use a big wok, hottest but but not smoking hot like stirfry. If you do animal protein, slice up half a link of already cooked linguisa or andouille (something also garlicky) and add. If you’re in Spain, definitely chorizo instead, not usually available in vanilla supermarkets, but not the Mexican kind. The spinach always last and barely cooked at all – I only allow about half the leaves to wilt. Salt to taste.

For sour/acid you can drizzle a smidge of lemon or vinegar or like at end, post spinach. A red bell pepper will complement the bright green of spinach.

If ingredients and utensils are out and ready, it’s 7-8 minutes start (can opening) to serving. Nothing needs actually cooking – it’s just heating really, and you don’t want mushy garbanzos or dead spinach. Order is: olive oil, chili flakes and part of paprika, garbanzos, sliced sausage if used, spinach last. Serve. Drizzle with balsamic glaze if you allow such. Then you have everything – sweet, sour, fat, salt, heat, depth (sausage, paprika). One of our pandemic go-to’s, everything available at Costco. Pretend you’re at the Vuelta!



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I’m so glad that it was eventually concluded that walking the dog shouldn’t be stopped… if the answer had been different i’m not sure i could have coped!

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