Loosing fitness

hey guys, I would like to ask for your thoughts about whats happening to me.
I used to use a different platform for interval trainnings for about 3 years. I wasnt getting enough gains, so decided to try TrainerRoad. I was hooked at first try! :slight_smile: I love it!

I came in with an FTP of 201W after my first Ramp test.
After a month of following a plan, I tested again, I got a result of 207W …that’s more gains than what I got in a year with the other program… So super happy there… Kept following the plan, and next ramp test was 217W!!!
again, super happy, and kept following…
Next ramp, 206W :frowning: maybe I didnt have a good day… who knows…
Yesterday I did my last ramp test, hopping to see my gains, but got 201W :frowning:

what do you think its happening to me? … maybe the plan is not well suited to me?
Im basicaly where I started :frowning:

Should I go for a higher volume plan? … or rest more days?

BTW I’m only 56Kg so numbers are fairly good… not the best, but still not bad

If you set your account to public we could actually look at what is going on :grimacing: Otherwise it won‘t be well founded feedback :man_shrugging:

thanx, I have no Idea how to do that… checking it as we speak

It‘s in your account settings (trainerroad.com - not the account for the forum)

Right, so go here:

and set account to public.

@mrpedro - always has the link handy, thanks mate and merry Xmas! Let‘s solve another performance riddle :sweat_smile:

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