Saddle recommendations

I’m in the situation where I’ve tried a few saddles over the last year (including one that I was fitted for) and have found quite a few that were good outdoors, and ok on the trainer, but I’ve never found one that I’ve thought was great.

Best indoor has been the SMP Well. It also allows me to rotate my pelvis better than any other, which is something I can struggle with. But it looks, well, fugly/phallic/absurd (delete as appropriate) and it weighs a TON.

A fairly close second indoor has been the Prologo Nago Evo, which oddly has been the only one which may be worse outdoors.

Outdoor I’ve liked the Fizik Antares, and the Pro Stealth, but neither is great indoor (though both are tolerable).

A long shot, but based on that info, any suggestions for something to try?

Bike fit is fairly dialled in, btw.

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Finding a „great“ indoor saddle is a challenging quest. Also depends on your undercarriage. If you can manage without sores / numbness I would live with what you have.

Any specific issues you are having?

Specifically, I have quite narrow sitbones but the shape of most narrower saddles seems to put pressure on my left hamstring tendon insertion which exacerbates a pre-existing injury. Slighty wider/shorter ones are better for the hamstring, but seem to cause minor saddle sores from rubbing where the top of the leg meets the ‘undercarriage’ :rofl: Finally, harder saddles seem better outdoors but worse indoors.

See the issue?

Now it all makes perfect sense! Specialized toupe is what you should give a try! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is however based on your first post…i think it is the equivalent to Antares and Pro stealth in the specialized product range. If you feel adventurous maybe give the specialized phenom a try as well even though it is a MTB saddle. Similar shape but curves upwards at the back and gives more support…Especially if you are not riding in a an aggressive position. SMP also has this curve!

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Thanks, appreciate that. I’m no racer so my position isn’t super aggressive, but I’m not grandma either :rofl: Working on pelvic mobility as an ongoing project!

That’s uncanny. Good shout!

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I think it comes stock on some of their MTB…so probably easy to find a used one.

It is possible to find take-offs, but keep in mind they will be the 143mm medium width versions, since that is always stock on S bikes. If you need narrow or wide, those will be a separate buy.

Look into building a rocker plate if that is an option for you. Also try a new or different set of shorts and chamois creme. Sometimes you dont know what you dont know.


I’ll only chime in, as you mentioned liking the Prologo Nago Evo(albeit indoors only), but that was my go to saddle for a couple of seasons, in various forms, with the Nago X8 being my favorite, as I think it had a bit more curve to push back “into”. Since moving on from that and various others, I’ve settled on the Ergon SR Pro saddles. They’re not super short, but stubbier than traditional saddles. I actually have four of them mounted to my different bikes: Mens S/M, Mens M/L, Womens S/M, and Womens M/L. The smaller of the Women’s ones is actually my favorite at the moment. I feel the most planted on that, although I can move between bikes with no huge difference in saddle feel. I’ve gone for the Carbon railed versions on each, but you can save some money and try out a lower model prior to spending the $150 on the carbon version.