Looking for missing person

He’s been missing for almost two months. I really loved his geeky tips on the podcast, so my question is:

Where is Chad???

Please just tell me if he’s still alive and safe


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Chad just relocated to Spokane Washington. He posted a couple of rides on Strava, surprised at how hilly it is here.


Catch the early part of podcast 307 where they give an update on a few of the podcast team


OK, thanks I’m gonna do that.

I was a bit worried since I’ve read a couple of critics towards him in a yt video, maybe the one of Dylan Johnson, but I’m not sure. I think criticism can be useful if well argued, but I didn’t agree on what someone said about Chad almost entirely. I love to listen to technical stuff and learn new things.

I love all the hosts, especially Amber, but honestly I don’t listen to any episode without Chad.

I feel like a piece of tr is missing right now.


here is the link with timestamp

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ok, I feel relieved now