Long sleeve summer road suit with pockets?

Does anybody make such a thing? A one piece long sleeved summer weight skin suit with pockets on the back like a regular road jersey? I’d like aero, I’d like sun protection, I require pockets!

I’m using an aero jersey now with separate sun sleeves (plus bibs…not sure if I needed to mention this or not) but I’d like to replace my four piece outfit with just a single piece.


Look at champion system. I have quite a few team long sleeve skinsuits. Not super light weight but not winter weight. I know they have speedsuits that are super lightweight but may not have pockets.

Similarly, I wouldn’t mind finding just a super light weight long sleeve jersey for summer use. The arms would have to be tight though so they don’t flap in the wind.


You don’t really think about sun damage until you reach 50, look down at your arms, and “what the hell happened??!!”

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If you’re UK based Galibier do a nice long sleeved race suit. Not super expensive for a suit either.

I’ll be wearing mine tomorrow for a fast smash before I start work, nice to have arms covered in the spring.

Some plain arm warmers (compressport or similar) might do the trick and still let you have choice of all the suits on the market that fit you best, choice of design, best chamois etc?

That’s what I do in the summer.

Just a thought?

Assos makes a summer long sleeve jersey. I’ve never used it though.

I don’t know of many long sleeve skinsuits w/ full pockets that are summer weight. What do you think about something like the Castelli San Remo speedsuit + sun sleeves? Or a short sleeve road skinsuit by another manufacturer + sun sleeves?

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if you’re good with LS SPF jerseys I’m a big fan of Boure (made by Voler so you can check those out as well. At 67 (almost) after a few non-malignant items carved out by by dermatologist I’m big on LS SPF. I’m not sure a ss jersey is really any cooler when you’re moving at a reasonable speed.

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DHB do one but the reviewer says he would rather prefer the 3 rear pockets was a speed pocket as its not cheap.

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Hey that’s a great option, thanks :slight_smile:

Looked a touch warm and not tight like a road suit. Castelli makes one too that looks a little lighter. (But neither are a one piece option)


Monton sports do one stateside.

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Hyperthreads out of Utah has a long sleeve race suit, but right now it’s only available as a custom design. Occasionally they release a basic color option in their shop.

Here’s the Galibier one: Vitesse Aerosuit 2 - Galibier

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Order placed!

Never worn them but have a lot of Rapha items. Worth a look just in case as I really enjoy the merino leg warmers that I love.


OK guys, I want to thank you for your help and I appreciate your efforts but I DON’T WANT SUN SLEEVES!!! This thread is looking for a one piece ROAD SUIT with LONG SLEEVES!!!


I hear ya! I can’t believe how sun damaged the outside of my forearms are vs. the inside of my upper arms. I want a time machine and a do-over!