Is there a place for long sleeve jerseys?

Is there a place for long sleeve jerseys, or should I just keep using arm warmers?

How do you guys use long sleeve jerseys, if you do? Just want some advice since I only use short sleeve jerseys with arm warmers on those colder days, but I have been thinking about getting a long sleeve jersey. :slight_smile:

I live in Denmark where the climate is pretty cool most of the year.


Despite the cost, I bought a bunch of long sleeve jerseys this past season instead of using short sleeve jerseys and arm warmers. I like how they’re faster to wear and look more polished.

Same thing with bib tights instead of bibs with leg warmers.


Haven’t found a use for them myself. When it’s too cold for arm warmers, i’m using a (winter) jacket. For anything between 8C-15C i’m using arm warmers to at least have the option to take them off. Especially when it starts chilly, but warms up 2 hours into a ride.


I don’t like the feel of arm warmers gripping on my biceps, so I prefer long sleeve jerseys. Definitely a first world problem, and there are times I wish I could lose the sleeves and can’t. Alternatively, I much prefer leg warmers and hate tights, even though I never take leg warmers off mid-ride.


I guess it depends! :slight_smile:

Personally I hate arm warmers, haha they never stay, so I never really used them that much.

If it was cold I would wear a long-sleeved base layer (thermal) and either a windbreaker or jacket on top that I could zip open and let the air flow if I got too hot. Also, a neck warmer was always a must… On the chilly downhills, you can really cover your face nicely.

If you are using a long-sleeved jersey, maybe think about getting a sleeveless base layer and wearing a wind jacket or vest on top? I don’t know how warm you’d like to be, but for me, the key is always to keep my core at a nice temperature by wearing a base layer even in the summer to wick off the sweat.

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like with everything, I think it depends on how hot you get. I sweat a lot so I like to layer clothes. Saturday we started our groupride in quite chilly weather 7-10C and when the sun peeked trough, it got quite warm (about 15C). I had arm warmers and a gilet. I ditched the arm warmes 40min into the ride and never put them back on. The gilet can be opened from the belly so your torso stays warm but you get a little breeze on your stomach and lower back to bring core temp down. Can’t do that with a long sleeve jersey, so for me nope, I don’t have one and probably won’t ever own one because it’s not versatile enough for me. If it’s below 5C I’d rather wear a winterjacket and gloves or what I usually do, get on the MTB.


So I personally have no problems with the arm warmers. I have a vest to keep my core warm, but it could be used with the long sleeve jersey as well, i guess.

I would just like to hear how you guys use your long sleeve jerseys and when… :slight_smile:

Long sleeve are just nicer if it’s not going to significantly warm up. Plus if it raining for the full ride then long sleeve are more comfortable under a jacket.

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Yes. There is a place.

Only when it’s cold, and I know I won’t be getting hot enough where I would want to take it off haha.

I guess you just gotta play with it and see what works best for you. I personally don’t overheat, so when it’s cold I know I won’t be taking too many layers off. You might be different.

I personally have started wearing lightweight UPF50 arm sleeves (White) even in hot weather. And, just picked up some Voler long sleeve lightweight jerseys too that I’m liking so far (Velocity Air LS.)

I feel like a lot of times, they’re cooler if you get a light color, and you’re not continuously cooking your arms in the sun.


Down to the low-50’s, I wear arm warmers. Below that, I wear a LS jersey.

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I got one as a present. I use it quite a lot when eg the temperature is quite reasonable but there is no sun. I wish I had long bibs too but these are just so expensive

I have a couple of medium weight LS jerseys. THey’re great for days I know it will stay cool enough to keep my arms covered. Keep the warmers for those spring days where it’s 50* at the start and 80* at the finish.

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I have a pearl Izumi thermal long sleeve jersey that I wear a lot (50F and below). If cold enough, I’ll wear a wind vest or full wind breaker over it. My dad bought the jersey and gave it to me as a hand me down. Probably wouldn’t have purchased it on my own, but I wear it often. It is different than a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers because the material is thicker. It’s not fleece lined or anything like that, but somehow is thicker so you’re considerably warmer than short sleeves plus arm warmers combo. I’d buy one if you find yourself in 40F a lot

On days where I don’t expect it to warm up enough to take the arm warmers off. The LS jersey is just quicker to put on than arm warmers.

Also on days where it’s cold enough for a LS undershirt.

I bought my first long-sleeved jersey, it is a POC mountain bike jersey and I was pleasantly surprised. It was not too warm, i. e. I could wear it even when temperatures are in the teens.

I’m on the same boat as BCM. Long sleeve jersey almost all the time.
Craft has some nice ones. I have not tried them out but I like the Craft products I’ve tried.

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Long sleeve jerseys made out of standard weight fabric, I don’t see the point, as you say short sleeves and arm warmers are more versatile.

I have a couple of winter weight long sleeve jerseys made out of thicker material with a brushed inner face which I wear through most of the winter when its less than 8degC, its been so cold this spring in NE Scotland I only stopped wearing them a couple of weeks ago. I wear them with either a baselayer vest, a long sleeve standard weight baselayer or an insulated turtle necked long sleeve baselayer depending on how much extra insulation I need.
I rarely ride in a jacket because I don’t often ride in the rain, preferring a gilet or packable windbreaker jacket.


I only have 2 winter long arm jerseys from DHB which work really well for temperatures below 12C or so and paired with a thermal base layer and a Windjacket or rain jacket they are holding up to 0C. I just don’t want to spend the money for longsleeve jerseys where I can just put on armwarmers and for me if the weather calls for that it is often close to taking them of or a windwest or jacket will keep me warm enough if it gets cooler.