Long sleeve jersey for summer?

Just looking for tips for lightweight long sleeve jerseys. Its been getting hot around here and since I’m aiming to avoid sun exposure I wear arm screens (sun sleeves) and never take them off. It’s made me think I should just buy some summer weight long sleeve tops…
Similarly does anyone wear leg screens to protect their legs from sun? Or a buff to protect their neck?
Advice appreciated on equipment to help avoid sunburn, thanks!

Pactimo makes a pretty lightweight aero fitted long sleeve jersey. It’s not quite summer weight but is much lighter than any other long sleeve jerseys I have.

Also, just a good sunscreen goes a long way.


I live in Jacksonville Florida area and I roll with a buff ( Phil Giamons cookie 100 STRAVA challenge ) and will during the longer rides just wear a Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt UPF 50+ under the Jersey of the day,… I have looked at the DeSoto CoolWings, and economical copies, which may be an option at some point Nothing on the legs usually though I need to get better about sunscreen.


Assos makes a long sleeve summer jersey, no idea how well it works though. Living in Texas there is pretty much nothing that keeps me cool during the summer. There is way too much humidity and heat, nothing dries. I wear a Rapha or Castelli jersey that has UPF protection with separate arm sleeves. Sunscreen on neck face and legs. Or maybe try a UPF swim shirt.

I use De Soto skin cooler long sleeve jerseys almost exclusively, for this purpose (I sometimes use short sleeve jerseys with arms sleeves). I also use a buff for neck sun protection too, though not always - depends on the day/weather. I don’t do any fabric-based leg protection for some reason, though I probably should - I just use sunscreen.

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ORNOT Bike makes a nice Summer long sleeve jersey. “LS Lightweight House Jersey”.

thanks for the recommendations, I will definitely check out the desoto and ornot!

you may or may not want to go with aliexpress, but there’s a company called spexcel that makes a rapha clone (long sleeve) that’s $26. I have some spexcel stuff and it’s decent quality, just another option to consider!

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Assos and Rapha have great models. I don’t feel the heat like some, but I have worn them up to 80+* and felt fine. I do live in a dry heat state though:)

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To lazy to retype my post in another thread here. https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/long-sleeve-summer-road-suit-with-pockets/57784/9?u=hampstenfan

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I just got one of these Wyn Republic jerseys and it is very thin and breathable.

I only use arm sleeves because it doesn’t get in the way. Very pleased with the B-Driven sports arm sleeve, it hugs my hand and protects from direct sunlight but not too tight, sometimes I forget I’m wearing it.

Eliel just released a few long sleeve summer jerseys, havent tried them, but their quality on clothing is top notch. https://www.elielcycling.com/products/mens-palm-springs-ls-solana-jersey

I’m nowhere near cool enough to pull off those shirt designs :joy: