Logging moshpit's as workouts?

I am wondering what would be the best way to log the workout that comes with moshpits and circlepits at concerts? I have logged two recently as runs with intensity levels of 9/10 as I am totally out of commission the next day and certainly can’t do a 1.5 hour threshhold effort.


Take a day off or two. The app currently doesn’t account for extra work done by that I mean it won’t give you rest days. You have to give yourself rest days if you did too much.

This question has to be performance art.


I thumbed up this thread because mosh pit. The question is, what show?


Assuming something like a Garmin watch, start a “cardio” activity as soon as you get out there and stop the activity when you’re done and HR has recovered. It won’t be a perfect representation of the physiological load on your body, but it’ll be a useful surrogate… and probably not wildly far off your reality.


I think the problem is TR won’t recognize it and adapt around it. Or maybe I’m missing the Op’s intention?

Um, I don’t think that’s a TR problem :joy:


Haha, I agree. I guess I should have said that’s what the Op’s problem is. :wink:

Spin(kick) to win!


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Friday was Pale Face and it rocked

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I had a similar experience at the end of summer. I’d been training for a side goal of getting a segment KOM on an approx. hour long hill climb up to a ski hill. I had good fitness and things were going well, though high levels of smoke delayed me, so I started an outdoor construction project at my place. The only segment effort I managed to get was after two consecutive days of working ~6-8 hours/day construction (wearing a mask because of smoke). I went absolutely full gas up the climb and paced/fueled it well, and conditions were pretty good. The only thing missing was my legs! I suspect the construction made me in the ballpark of a minute slower. No way to tell for sure, but comparing training log power data and previous efforts on the same segment, I’d expected to significantly faster than I was.

Nothing contributes to a mosh pit vibe like “hold up, I need to start/stop my garmin” :crazy_face:


Maybe just pause it for the drum solo?

Scream for me Garmin, scream for me…