Vo2max workouts outdoors

hi guys, i’m doing more outdoor work right now because … well … i can. i tried to do bashful +1 and it’s very difficult for me to find adequate terrain for it. my question is: if the tss match more or less, can i switch with other anaerobic workouts, in this case for example matthes or old rag? the distribution of stress and recovery is different of course, but much easier for me to execute outdoors. the energy system should be more less the same and i’m in build, this is not about race efforts at all. any thoughts?

Why would you substitute an anaerobic workout for one that is supposed to increase your maximal aerobic capacity?

I’m not sure it really matters for the answer, but what about your terrain lets you do 3 minute intervals at 120ish% but not 1 minute?

Yeah I’m wondering that too…

Matthes each set (2 sets total) is 13 minutes at 110/120/130% and using 3x 3-min on / 2-min off format
Old Rag each set (2 sets total) is 17 minutes at 125% and using 3x 3-min on / 4-min off format


Bashful +1 each set (3 sets total) is 10 minutes long at 125% FTP and using 7x1-min on / 30-sec off format

Something I do in planning intervals outside is have look on strava for any segments that would allow me to do the interval or get an idea if its possible like the watts for the kom and power to weight ratio and get an idea where I could possibly be in the leader board

the 1min is not the issue but the 30sec recovery during which i have trouble going back down the climb i came up. with the 3min interval the recovery is also 3min so i can go down the climb. for 7x 60/30 i don’t have a climb nearby that’s long enough.

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What about doing it on a flat stretch of road that is one minute long?

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dumb question since out my door is flat… can you shift and soft pedal at something resembling zone 2? I realize the recoveries for most (not all) TR vo2 workouts are zone 1, just asking. Also wanted to mention there are some TR “vo2max” workouts like Whiteface that alternate between 125% and 88%.

focus on execution; you should be able to do vo2 efforts anywhere! flats or inclines. sure, downhills, no, but there should be SOME stretch available, it just might require some planning.

good luck!

just extend your recovery a bit? if you can make the climb in a minute, you should be able to descend in under a minute.

thanks to the replies. the question was more meant about the different lengths of intervals in the same intensity and if they achieve more or less the same goals. i’ll be rethinking my strategies of outdoor workout too though.