Lockdown exercise sequence

Hello All, hope you are staying safe.
We are complete lockdown here in Spain, We cannot leave the house to run or ride.
I’m thinking of doing each day an interval workout, short weights session and a easy ride depending on how I feel. Can anyone please advice me on the best order for these exercises?
I.E. interval and weights in the morning, easy ride in the evening or intervals morning easy and then weights?

Here are some ideas to get you started


If you have time, lots of Z2 workouts, 3-4 hours will pay dividends longer term.

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This is from memory, but the signalling from weights vs riding is opposite.Endurance exercise increases AMP K, and this effect lasts for several hours, Strength exercises increases MTOR, and if I remember correctly this lasts for a couple of days. Seems to me the ideal combination would be riding in the morning, and weights later in the day to maximize benefits from both.

Would it be a good idea to do bike intervals in the morning then 30mins easy cycling before a weights session as a form of warm up in the afternoon?

Seems to me no problem, just don’t expect any training adaptations from the spin warm up.

Three workouts a day will burn you out pretty quick if you’re not used to it.

I would at least skip doing intervals and weights on the same day.

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Yea i going to start with intervals one day, next day 30 min easy ride and weights. Ive got plenty of time to recover every day!

Same here in South Africa…total lockdown. How is your training going?
Mine is a bit more complicated as I have just been running the last 6 months. Thank goodness for trainerroad as this is going to be a life saver. I also bought dumbbells, kettle bells, rollers, bands and everything to keep my body in shape!
I think taking a look at a traditional plan is a great idea. The main reason for not following traditional plans is that you get much more done in a shorter space of time. If time is of no concern, maybe traditional is the way to go.
Personally I’m just going to use plan builder as I’m going back to running for a while after lock down.

Hi Faniefiets. Where in South Africa are you? I work with a charity based in Bloemfontein and Kuruman, I travel there every year, except now of course.
I am the same as you and have been training to run since Christmas, i was in the middle of a 10 race series of 10km races when the lock down hit.
I’ve been chatting and browsing for what i should do. The general consensus is to maintain fitness until we know where we are going.
I’m going to to one Vo2 max workout, one over under threshold workout and the rest easy and endurance rides, hopefully adding a bit of TSS each week. I will also do 2 weight sessions before an easy 30 ride.
I make my own workouts in the work out creator.
I cant be doing turbo work for more than about 90 minutes.

I’m in Cape Town, but also travel to Bloemfontein quite a bit. I bought a kettlebell, dumbell, medicine ball and jump rope to keep myself busy. Suffered through over unders today and played around with the weights. Manage couple minutes of jump rope and thought I was going to die! Tomorrow I’m going to try and do at least 5 km around the house… Will be an interesting one and don’t think it’ll work well, but more for the heck of it! A shame to see all that running fitness disappearing.

Lockdown was demotivated me in the beginning, as gym was was the only place where i felt myself distracted from all negative feelings, and these were closed too. So i started doing body weight exercises, which are helping me much in staying fit and healthy.