List of stage races that have Cat 2 fields?

What are some stage races in your area that have Cat 2 or 2/3 fields?

This is putting the cart before the horse but I’m 7 points away from my 2 and I’d like to get to a 1. P/1/2 races are hard. Cat 2 is still hard but obviously it should be easier than a p/1/2. If you do really well you can go from Cat 2 -> 1 in two weekends (20 points maximum per stage, you need 35 to upgrade).

I’d like to plan out next season and get a list of of races. I know of the big ones on the west coast (but please list any you know). I’d love to hear about some in the mid west, east coast or south.

A few to start us off:

  • Cascade
  • Chico
  • San Dimas
  • Valley of the Sun
  • Madera

Green Mountain (includes climbing, duh lol)


Joe Martin In AR

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Tucson Bicycle Classic is a 3 day stage race, short TT, ~80mile RR and ~35mile circuit race (RR with shorter laps). It’s usually a few weeks after VOS.

VOS would be a good race for you due to your TT skills. It’s a Long flat TT followed by a reasonable RR and then a short crit. So as long as you put in a good TT, the RR isn’t too hard to defend your position and then you just survive the crit.


+1 on Valley of the Sun - should be good for you Nate as the GC is most commonly decided by the TT and your ability to survive a 96 mile RR. Occasionally a break sticks it in the RR, but not often


These aren’t stage races, but both Tour of America’s Dairyland in WI and Intelligentsia Cup in Chicago have 2/3 fields and 9-10 days of crits. So while you’ll be missing on the “stage race” upgrade points, you get a ton of opportunities to pick up points.

You also might be able to count the omnium result from either as a “stage race” in your upgrade request…


Same with Gateway Cup in St. Louis. 2/3 field as well. Four days of fun crit racing and an environment that fully embraces these races. It’s amazing.

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+1 for VOS race in arizona. Worst part for you is that its really early in the season

Anyone have updates from this list after 2 seasons of COVID? Seems like a lot of races have folded. In CA it looks like Chico Stage Race is gone and Cascade Classic’s web domain has expired as well…

Tulsa does a Pro/1, and 1/2 field. The former means the 1’s generally go race in the pro one rather than against the 2’s.

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