What Stage Races are out there?

I’m looking primarily for stage races this upcoming year. I’m a Cat 4 Masters (43 yrs old) racer living in California. So, preferably on the West Coast. I’m researching Tour de Gila (Arizona), but … can the TR gimmie some other stage races that I can consider? Thanks!

While not a Stage race per say what about Intelligentsia Cup or Tour of Americas Dairyland? Race a crit every day for a week.

Thank you for those suggestions. The TT’s are a strength for me, so true stage races that have crit, RR, and TT are what I am most interested in. Thank you.

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How far up north up the west coast are you willing to travel? Nearby OR has 2 great races, Cascade Cycling Classic and Baker City Classic. Then in WA there’s Tour of Walla Walla. All have a RR, TT and crit, with a few having an extra RR. Good way to get upgrade points and/or experience, but also a way to bolster your confidence when you try Nationals.

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Unfortunately San Dimas was cancelled this year. I thought it was a really great event after doing it the past two years.

Gila sounds like a good one as does Cascade.

Does anyone know if the Valley of the Sun stage race is on this year?

Add tour de bloom to that list. Bc Superweek even further north.

The Madera stage race is still on the preliminary NCNCA calendar.

Also, I think the TT at Cascade is Merckx style, so no TT bikes.