What are your favorite NorCal crits, road, stage/omnium races? I need to earn my upgrade!

I’ve got a goal to finally start doing some USAC races (I usually do non-sanctioned races) and go from cat 5 to 3 this year.

I’m trying to develop a race schedule and I need some races! I think I’d do the best in crits and stages races.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • Jan 26 - Cal Aggie Crit
  • ??? - Land Park

That’s it! I need more ideas. I am going to skip Chico :wink: .

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I realize you are in Reno. I drive over from Phoenix about 10X/year when it works with my schedule. 6 hour drive…not bad with a couple guys. See you over there. :wink:

Are you looking to get your 3 by points or finishes?

Points!!! :muscle: :fire: :ambulance:

You won’t get points for GC standings for Cat 3 upgrades (unless they changed that recently)

If you are short on points at the end of the year, might be easier to fly down to SoCal towards the end of the season and do some of the CBR upgrade crits. They will have 3 races for Cat 4 in a day with large fields (although SoCal is Cat 4 purgatory it seems).

Yes, you’re right. I will still get points for each race though. So I guess omnium is just as good as stage.

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I requested an upgrade from 5 to 4 with just 6 starts after I won the 45+ 4/5 race at the Tour DeNez in 2016 and they granted it, you should try requesting an upgrade. If they grant it then all your points would go toward your Cat 3 upgrade.

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Dumb question - are they the same? https://legacy.usacycling.org/events/getflyer.php?permit=2019-250

I’ll ask around, some of the guys on wed night rides/races are pretty active here in NorCal racing scene.

Because of the podcast, I’m toying with the idea of entering my first race in 2019.


Do it! So fun…

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I’m with you @Nate_Pearson!!!
Just got into cat 4 in Aug, and got 4 point in September… Gonna try to climb to cat 3 in 2019 :muscle:

Im in NYC, but I commented before that me and you are gonna be in Sea otter for the same race.

I’m gonna do the San Rafael twilight too, I think you should come to SF for that in July!

Or maybe I need to make a trip to Reno after the twilight race in July and race there with the TR crew :upside_down_face:

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Not a dumb question, I had the same question. Same race venue, different race.

@Pete and @bnied; do you have any ideas of races? http://www.sdsr.bike/ ?

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Wth?! On the forum you come across as already being a racer! You’re definitely going to have to back that up with some actual race miles! :smile:

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@Nate_Pearson if you do SDSR, I can crew/cheer for you.

Very close to my neck of the woods!

Do it! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I call wed night going out for a group “ride” but now realizing they are basically mini races: My Polarized Training Experience (Chad McNeese & others)

just trying to hang with legit cat 2/3/4 guys taking it easy after their Tue lunch ride! Really need to get back above 260-270 ftp as the head/cross wind is brutal and people are blowing up and getting dropped all the way to the regroup where the wind becomes a tailwind and things get serious with repeated (for me) vo2max/anaerobic efforts.

Mashup of 2018 USAC races, from a few guys I ride with in NorCal and friends of the forum:

January 2018

  • Cal Aggie Criterium

February 2018

  • Folsom Winter Criterium
  • The Bump Circuit Race Race (Winter) CCR
  • Snelling Road Race

March 2018

  • Land Park Criterium
  • Bariani Road Race
  • Chico Stage Race
  • Wards Ferry Road Race
  • Copperopolis Road Race

April 2018

  • Winchester Circuit Race
  • Auburn Classic Downtown Criterium
  • Red Kite Criterium
  • Wente Vineyards Classic Road Race
  • CCCX

May 2018

  • Golden State Race Series CRIT & CCR
  • Modesto Road Race
  • Folsom Classic Criterium
  • Berkeley Hills Road Race
  • Memorial Day Stage Race and Omnium, Bump Circuit Race
  • Mt Hamilton Classic Road Race

June 2018

  • Nevada City Bicycle Classic
  • Pescadero
  • CCCX


  • 4th of July Criterium in Davis
  • RKO#14 The Bump Circuit Race (Summer)
  • CCCX


  • Patterson Pass Road Race
  • Winters Road Race


  • Henleyville Road Race


  • West Sacramento Cyclecross Grand Prix-Kaiser Permanente

That starts with a hill climb though right? Yuck :face_vomiting: :wink:

woah! You are the best!!

My wife might kill me if I do all of those. That’s like 5-10 hours of driving for each race :frowning:.

I’ll pick the ones that match my strengths and schedule and do those!

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@Nate_Pearson just help me (ML/AI beta hint hint) get above 275 watts ftp and I’ll register for a real USAC race and not just chase the fast guys on weekly worlds!

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Hopefully Pescadero RR will be on next year. It’s a beautiful loop.