Green Mountain Stage Race

Anyone here raced up in Vermont at the Green Mountain Stage Race before? Just looking for an overall opinion on the race, the course profiles, field sizes, etc. The more info the better. Thanks in advance!


I’ve never done it, would love to though (I’m in New England and have had club mates win GC in their respective categories). Stage 3 is a doozy at 100km with a good amount of climbing. I’d be in the 4/5 masters but by that time CX season will be kicking off and I’ll be about that, plus I doubt my wife and son will want to spend their long weekend revolving around my bike stuff.

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Good race.

2019 Registration and technical guide


Never raced there but I’ll be there this year :grin:


Hi everyone,

Using this thread for a general thread on races in the North East. I would love to get some points to upgrade to CAT 3. Can anyone recommend any races in the North East? The GMSR is awesome btw.



Never did GMSR but I’ve done KSR a couple times as cat3 - Memorial Day weekend stage race by same promoter. Really good event. Must be able to climb competitively for 10-15min for GC and queen stage contention. Both races have a stage for punchier riders ending in a sprint finish ( still climbing but nothing to break the field on).

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climb competitively for 10-15min

Do you know what this translates to in W/kg, for cat 4 let’s say?

Cat 4 has huge variation in ability since you only need to race 10 cat 5 races to upgrade, tho you can score points and get there faster. I’d say if you can hold 4-4-5 w/kg for 10-15min you’ll be in it for GC. Prob lower 4s for cat4 and upper 4s for cat3. This is an effort coming after racing for 2-3hr tho so consider that too


So for GMSR I put out 360 watts for 12 mins on app gap at race weight of 64kg. This got me second place in cat 4/5 & open


Yeah but my point is that you and the rider who beat you would have been pretty competitive in cat 3 and you only raced the 4/5 bc your category was that due to lack of racing.

Your ability as cat 4/5 was an anomaly, similar to myself. I once’s lapped a cat 4/5 field in a solo breakaway holding 4w/kg in a crit then upgraded right after. This wasn’t what it takes to be competitive in cat 4/5 tho

Awesome race, highly recommend it. It’s in a beautiful part of Vermont.

Stage 1 is one half uphill, one half false flat ITT. About 15-20 mins avg finishing time.

Stage 2 is a mostly flat, fast circuit race. Pretty long circuit, though – could be seen as more of a road race on large loops.

Stage 3 is the hilly Queen Stage. Three major climbs to go over (plus one extra if you’re P/1/2). Mountaintop finish.

Stage 4 is the best crit in the country, downtown Burlington :slight_smile: L shaped course.

It’s a big regional race, so field sizes are usually solid and the competition is great! Feel free to ask any questions, I’ve done the race several times and Vermont is my home state! :wink:


I heard really good feedback of the race. I’m in new jersey and planing to do this year. I wonder how far Vermont is it? We have a team called Aventi and we are colombian riders… maybe this year finally can be there.

Resurrecting an old thread wanting to get your thoughts. You guys think this race is worth it if I can’t stay for the crit? Due to work, I’d be able to race the first 3 stages but would have to drive back Sunday evening to work Monday. I’ve heard it’s an amazing race and the crit is the best day of all. It’s a 6 hour drive for me. I’ve been wanting to do it for years and almost worked out. Worth it for 3 stages knowing I couldn’t do the whole thing or wait until next year?

Aw jeezum, you’ll really want to stay for the crit after 3 days of racing… But I’d say go for it if you’re keen on doing the race!

Next year, definitely make sure to stay for the crit!! Who knows, maybe you’ll even “fall ill” over the weekend this year… :joy:


I’m not doing the full stage race but now that I live in the area I’m kinda, sorta debating doing the one-day “Open” category for the road race this year. I’m assuming it’d be like a gravel race, where everyone from absolute beginners to literal pros start together and the field is blows completely apart on the first small climb :smile:

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I really do. And the crit is the race best suited for me as well. Just couldn’t find coverage at work and I drew the short straw unfortunately. I wish you could do single races because I probably could have swung the crit and big road race stage by working the other days.