Limiting time on mid volume plan


when choosing a mid volume plan some of the workouts jump to 1h30m midweek. Is there a feature that I am missing to limit the lenght of a workout midweek? I know I can choose a low volume plan and add on workouts or use the “alternates” for each given workout, but it would be great to have that sort of flexibility when building a training plan

  • No, there is not a way to set limits on any workout duration. That feature is on the wish list, but not available to us now. At this time, either of the two options you mention are what need to be applied.

The LV workouts jump to (1h30min too in my plan anyway). I found the LV plan actually more intense too with 3 HIT sessions in the week as oppose to 2 HIT sessions sandwiching a LIT session. ‘Alternates’ which you mentioned is your answer.


thanks Chad. Hopefully if will not be to difficult to implement

You can use Alternates to find a similar but shorter workout that targets the same energy system.

Yup, he already listed that as one option he considered.

Sorry, missed that. Thanks.

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This is coming! Hang tight! :smiley: