Life can be cruel sometimes

Life can be cruel sometimes. Have been training for over six months now getting ready for my A-race Grafton to Inverell, the 11th of May. Did whole base/build/specialty then rebuilt/specialty. Yesterday, with just over two weeks to go to the event, I planned to do my last “big” ride, commute to the race, race, then ride home with some hills. On way home from the race on a downhill section hit a pothole -> came down - stitches in elbow but worse, some bone chipped off the hip. Specialist advising against racing to avoid further damage. To make it worse, got my best power numbers during the last race, had lost 4kg and felt completely prepped for my A event.

This is mentally hard to take as you all know how much some of these training sessions hurt. But at least I know Trainerroad does work, have the numbers to prove it.

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Sorry to hear this new @Cremtec

Hopefully you heal up quickly and there could be other opportunities on the horizon :+1:

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Tell me about it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Heal up & get back to being f a s t!!!


Ouch. Heal fast

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This sounds incredibly disappointing and frustrating.

What I would say is that you should remember the crash was out of your control - try to focus on your recovery process rather than the outcome.


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That’s tough. Hope you heal up fast

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how long are you out?

Hi dprimm,

I have another scan in a fortnight. If everything heals alright it would just be a month to take it easy which in the end is pretty lucky. Just unfortunate timing!
But if bone doesn’t heal properly by itself I might still need surgery which would make the recovery a lot longer of course.