10 weeks to A Race - adjusting plan following broken elbow

I broke my elbow in a crash a few weeks ago and have been in a full arm cast ever since. I didn’t want to get the cast all sweaty, so have been off the turbo and frankly moving little.

With a bit of luck I should have the cast off next week and have the all clear to start training again.

At that point I’ll be 10 weeks out from my A Race: a hilly half-ironman. Which is also my first half-ironman.

I’d just started a build phase before th crash, following an inconsistent base phase. But felt I had enough underlying fitness to get to a decent place by late September. I’d even considered cutting back my training a little to focus on cutting weight but was derailed by the broken elbow (and offered better approaches by many of you in another thread!).

My question is, what should I do for the 10 weeks I have available? Jump back into build where I would have been? Restart build? But then what about specialty? I’m a bit lost at what would be the best approach…


I’d probably do the second half of base and then the first half of whatever build you think is most appropriate for your event. I’d also replace week four of the build with the final taper week from a specialty plan

Thanks. So no need to do any of the specialty weeks then? Other than taper.

What is the main purpose for the specialty phase normally?