Miss My Bike Already

Yesterday began a two week period where I can’t ride. I had a minor surgery to remove a golf ball size patch of skin cancer off my shoulder and the Dr., also a rider, was clear, “No mountain biking until the stiches are out.” As I passed by my shop today, I looked at my bike and it was lonely wanting to go ride the hero dirt we have right now in the Black Hills.

The good part of the timing of this is I do need some time off the bike I wouldn’t take without someone almost forcing me.

After the wound recovers a couple days I’ll start doing extra lower body mobility work, core work that doesn’t stress the shoulder and hike in the woods with my 12 week old Golden Retriever puppy. So I’ll stay busy but miss my time in the saddle. Fat bike season is coming!

Just had to put this out to a group that would understand.


Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! The bike will be waiting for you…don’t rush it.



I was heading out for a training ride 2 weekends ago and ended up crashing on a slow turn. I didn’t get any road rash, but when I looked down I noticed my forearm had a new bump. As it turns out, I broke my radius about 3-4 inches from my wrist. I had surgery to put a plate and 6 screws into my arm the next day.

I was pretty worried about the time off the bike, lost fitness and all that, and was devising ways to “Mat Hayman” my way onto my trainer, but I’ve actually found that I’m enjoying this forced break from the bike. I think I needed a mental break to sort of re-calibrate my brain. I had a pretty bad race season this year even though my fitness was probably at its highest since I started riding 4 years ago, but I would give up really easily when it hurt, and my mental state during the races was pretty poor and unfocused.

I’m really excited to get back to riding, and I’m sure I’ll be doing some simple endurance rides in the near future on the trainer, but in the mean time I’ve been enjoying the “freedom” that I have to take advantage of times I’d usually be riding.